Murder In Delaware: Temitope Adebamiro’s Murderous Shrine And Slaying Of Husband Revealed, Court Documents Detail

imageNew details from the homicide case of Adeyinka (Yinka) Adebamiro, allegedly murdered by his wife Temitope Adebamiro have emerged. Court documents, obtained by SaharaReporters from The News Journal of Delaware, reveal a sinister crime scene in the Adebamiro’s elegant multi-story home in Delaware, USA.

The court documents offer a grisly picture of events as they allegedly transpired, resulting in a life-ending stab wound to Yinka Adebamiro’s throat, according to court documents.

The Evening of Yinka’s Murder

The New Castle Country Police (NCCP) arrived to the Adebamiro residence at 1:38am in response to a 911 emergency call of a stabbing. The responding officers found Yinka lying dead on the first floor spare bedroom, covered in blood, with multiple stab wounds to his upper body. The documents also revealed that blood had splattered onto the bed sheets, walls, and onto his wife Temitope Adebamiro.

Temitope was arrested at the scene of the crime and brought to the NCCP headquarters for questioning. During interrogation Temitope offered several different versions of events and varied explanations of evidence found at their home.

Temitope told NCCP officers her husband Yinka was physically abusive toward her for the entirety of their 10 year marriage, including the months she was pregnant with their two children. Temitope also told officers that Yinka sent her to Nigeria for several months in 2014. When Temitope returned to the US, she claims that she discovered he was cheating on her with her own sister and the daughter of their Nanny.

The documents also revealed that “Temitope was able to look at [her husband’s cell phone when she returned from Nigeria] and observed numerous text messages between the victim and various females which she took pictures of from her cell phone. Temitope also advised that that she observed pictures in the victim’s cell phone to include her sister and the Nanny’s daughter.”
The night of Yinka’s murder, at 9pm, Temitope told police that she was sitting with her husband on the couch when he demanded her cell phone. Temitope alleges that Yinka then deleted photos from her phone showing the only evidence of his infidelity. This action provoked a loud argument, Temitope tells NCCP officers.

Temitope then told officers that a major power outage turned off all the lights in the house, just as Yinka allegedly became angry. When the electricity was turned back on Yinka was inexplicably found dead in the spare bedroom.

The NCCP checked with the power company, Delmarva Power, who reported that there was no power outage at the Adebamiro residence during that time, according to the report.

It was at this time, Temitope’s first version of events, that her husband Yinka must have killed himself by stabbing himself in the neck. She also told officers that she had not gone into the spare bedroom until after his supposed suicide.

Temitope’s Second Version of Yinka’s Death

When the NCCP officers entered the Adebamiro residence they discovered that the door to the spare bedroom “had multiple slice and stab marks on the exterior door that are consistent with a large knife. The door also had a large hole located around knee height.”

Apparently confused by Temitope’s version of events, they inquired whether Yinka punched or damaged the walls and door when he was upset. The document then said that Temitope suddenly remembered “that she was the one who went into the bedroom first and locked the door behind her. Temitope advised that the victim continued to yell at her and pound on the door. Temitope advised that she was sitting on the bed and got up to unlock the bedroom door. Temitope advised that the victim had a large knife in his hands, but he eventually dropped it.”

At around the same time Temitope told police that she was “having pain in her knee as well as soreness to her side of her right hand. This is consistent with Temitope attempting to force the bedroom door in as well as pounding the door with the knife in her right hand.”

According to Temitope, as detailed in the court documents, she opened the bedroom door and allowed Yinka to enter. At this point Temitope said he became physically abusive toward her, but that she escaped. “Temitope advised that she was able to leave the bedroom and she sat on the couch in the living room. Temitope advised that she remained in the living room for a while.”

After sitting on the couch for an undetermined length of time, she entered “back into the bedroom where she found the victim laying on his right side facing the left side of the bed.” Temitope concluded to the police that Yinka “must have stabbed himself.”

Temitope’s Shocking Shrine, Past of Dark Magic Revealed

The NCCP happened upon a ghoulish sight when they began searching the Adebamiro residence for evidence. As described in the court documents, “during the search warrant at [the Adebamiro residence] a photograph of the victim [Yinka] was on top of the dresser in their master bedroom. The picture is of a victim holding a baby with an ‘x’ across his face and 1 ‘cut mark’ across his neck.”

The discovery of this Shrine is consistent with other reports of Temitope’s behavior. According to Temitope’s sister, during an exclusive interview with SaharaTV, she mentioned that Temitope had began experimenting with Dark Magic and juju.

“I noticed about two and a half years ago that she’s been practicing black magic. I was really scared when I saw some [fetish] items in her wardrobe. I even called my pastor in Nigeria and he told me to pray,” she told SaharaTV.

Her sister also told SaharaTV that Yinka had told her that he discovered a secret stone placed under his bed, which was allegedly placed there by Temitope for mystical purposes. This incident scared Yinka so much that he did not sleep in that room for many days, according to Temitope’s sister during this same interview.

Temitope’s Charges and Uncertain Future

Temitope was formally charged with First Degree Murder and Possession of a Deadly Weapon on April 24th, according to court records. The Justice, Judge Jeni Coffelt of the Justice of the Peace Court of Sussex Country Delaware set bail at $60,000 which was not secured by Temitope.

When SaharaReporters spoke to Temitope’s lawyer our correspondent was informed that Temitope would not be speaking to anyone other than legal counsel at this point. SaharaReporters also tried reaching the NCCP officer overseeing this case, but our calls were not immediately returned.

Source: SaharaReporters

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