My Defence: Dasuki Pleads Insanity

By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

The latest release by Dasuki via his ‘aide’ is nothing less than a plea of insanity. According to a report from a ‘Dasuki aide,’ as relayed in the Vanguard, and also as has been noticed in recent releases from Dasuki’s PDP party, the former head of national security advise, Sambo Dasuki was only tossing millions of dollars to chosen PDP beneficiaries in execution of his duties for which a ‘Security vote’ financial imbursement is availed.
The ‘defense’ goes thus: as NSA, it is my duty to spend the Security vote in the interest of national security as I deem best (as my neurons in my brain best instruct me). To this effect, I saw the victory of the PDP party in the Presidential elections (or actions coincident with delivering a victory for the Party) as essential to Nigeria’s security. Therefore I disbursed the millions to PDP beneficiaries for campaigns, prayers and what have you, in execution of my duties in the interest of national security only obtainable by a Goodluck Jonathan victory.

In a way, perhaps he is ‘correct.’ With this Buhari/Osinbajo victory, the PDP camp is set out on destruction…via sponsoring chaos through Nnamdi Kanu and other proxies and wishing Nigeria evil and praying for its failure. Perhaps a Jonathan victory would have at least prevented such evil plots and prayers, if only to sooner than later, lead to a full collapse of Nigeria and World economies through the worst economic catastrophe and humanitarian tragedy in global recorded history.

The defense method is clear. Plead insanity. Claim the things you did were in your view, all directed toward national security. Repeat the “coup” tactic you did when you postponed the elections set for February under the pretense that you at last cared for Borno people and wanted them to return to their villages to vote. It is all in the ‘interest of security.’

Open up all your expenses so you try to obfuscate and ridicule your indictment by claiming that every thing you did and every money you spent should appear to be an act of corruption too, including securing former heads of state which is a requisite responsibility of your office. The only hope is an attempt to score a victory in the unknowing public’s eye. Perhaps they will fall for it. They will just feel that you were quite stupid but not sickly corrupt. That you truly felt that throwing dollars meant for the army to PDP politicians was the best way to fight Boko Haram.

Hope the public is as insane as you present yourself to have been. It’s your only hope. The asylum is more befitting for the last of your days than Kirikiri for sure.


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