Nigeria Can Attain Greatness – Tinubu

imageYou The new year presents a chance for us to place this precious nation on the right path. This path will not be easy as we must press to surmount obstacles that should have been laid behind us long ago. There are no short cuts to take to greatness, but there also is no reason that we cannot attain that greatness. Our new government offers the country its best chance.

Thus, we must dedicate ourselves to creating a more perfect nation, one built on justice, peace, unity and prosperity. We must join hands in common purpose to defeat insecurity, poverty and corruption and bring back prosperity. Let us pledge never again to fall victim to these scourges. Let us pledge this year to walk together in strong unity.
May 2016 go down in history as the year Nigeria reached a higher plain by conquering those things that for so long had set us back.

May this nation rise and become the standard for Africa and the black race that God intends it to be.

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