Nigerian Writer, Laura Tata Onuigbo’s Erotic Book, Red Passport Becomes An Instant Hit

…Reaches Number 3 In Amazon Chart
imageNigerian novelist Laura Tata Onuigbo believes the bedroom is the best place for writing when it comes to five-star erotica about sex in Southampton.

The single and searching writer, who now lives in the city, has caused a stir with her debut publication, Red Passport, reaching number three in the Amazon chart.

And it also led to a demand from her sister to include an 18 certificate on the front cover.

Laura admits it’s not just her characters who are busy behind the bedroom door.

She said: “I’ve found that the muse comes more to me when I’m relaxed.

“I write in my bedroom so that I know the bed is there for me when ideas refuse to flow.

“My little sister, Obianuju, was the first person who read the manuscript.

“She rated it 18, saying that some chapters might be too erotic for young people.”

The story of four young Nigerians attempting to stay in England against tightening immigration policies is a gripping thriller.

Set against the scrapping of post-study immigration visas, Red Passport’s central characters will go to any length to avoid the authorities.

It is a story, Laura knows only too well.

Born in the Coal City of Enugu, Nigeria, she holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Nigeria, and a Masters degree from Southampton Solent University
She added: “It’s about a struggle by Nigerian citizens to remain in the UK against so many discouraging and nerve-wracking odds.

“Because the hardship in Nigeria – corruption, unemployment, insecurity and hunger – has made returning home an unattractive option, the characters are ready to do whatever it takes to succeed, including illicit sex.

“The setting of the story is Southampton because not only do I live here, but I have fallen in love with it and see it as my home.

“The book was a much-needed chance to pay tribute to the city.”

Laura gave up her job with an American inventory company to concentrate on writing Red Passport.

Going by the five-star reviews from readers since its publication last month, it would seem the gamble has paid off.

Adebayo Opeyemi stated: “Wow! This is one novel I don’t want to finish. It’s hot, hot, hot!”

And fellow reviewer Sam Samis added: “I love this book. Once you get to chapter six, it becomes a crazy ride!”
Red Passport reached number 3 in the Amazon Erotica chart.

For more details, visit Amazon and search for Laura Tata Onuigbo, where the paperback and Kindle formats of Red Passport are both available or find her on Twitter at @LauraOnuigbo.

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