Obiano Is Still My Friend But I’ll Work Against His Reelection – Peter Obi

Former Anambra governor, Peter Obi, says that he is still friends with Governor Willie Obiano but had to lead the campaign against his successor’s reelection in order to fulfill the promise he made to the people of the state when he asked them to vote for Obiano in 2013.

Stating that he does not want Obiano to get second term on the basis of “non performance”, Obi recalled promising the people that he would lead the campaign against Obiano if he failed to work, and regretted that the governor has nothing to show for his four years in office.

He stated this on Wednesday while addressing Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, women at the State party secretariat in Awka, when the Deputy Governorship candidate, Lady Chidi Alexandra Onyemelukwe was presented to the women.

The immediate past governor listed road projects executed by his predecessor, Chris Ngige in three years and under serious tribulation and the ones he did and asked the people to let Obinao account for what he had done with all the money he inherited and the one that had come to him, including the $156 million and N25 billion cash in the state account when he handed over to him.

He said, “I governed this state for eight years, I can tell you that there is no candidate in this present election that can work better than our (PDP) candidate, Obaze. Some people wrote that Peter Obi and Obiano are quarrelling. I don’t have any issue with Mr. Willie Obiano, but I have issues with Governor Obiano. We are not quarrelling, Obiano is still my friend.

“Go and ask anyone that told you that I am demanding money from Obiano or everybody, I am enjoying my marriage with my wife but that notwithstanding can I keep N70 billion with her and be demanding N7 billion, I will take the much I need and tell her my darling keep this in case you change tomorrow.

“So I am not demanding any money from him, the issue I have with Obiano is very simple, When I took Obiano round Anambra State for campaign, wherever we went to, the markets and so on, the people kept asking me ‘Peter are sure this man would do well,’ and I said ‘yes.’ They asked ‘if he fails to do well what will happen?

“I told them ‘I would be the one to lead a campaign against Obiano if he does not perform well in his first term.’ Today, can anyone show me what the governor has done within his first term? He has nothing to show for it. I am a businessman; you don’t introduce a product twice in the market.

“When I was campaigning for my second term, each community I went to, I usually showed them what I had achieved, and that made it possible for the people to vote for me because they have seen what I did.

“We challenge Obiano to show us what he has done in his first term. Go to all parts of the state where all of you came from, can you mention the things he has done? He has done nothing. That is why I am here to lead the campaign that he will not return.”

The former governor therefore charged the party women to work hard for the enthronement of good leadership, maintaining that the PDP has selected a credible candidate in Oseloka Obaze to succeed Obiano.

“Anambra has always been a PDP state, and our entry has further popularized the party in the state. Go to the markets, everywhere, and all that the people are saying is PDP,” he said.

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