Onyeka Nwelue Apologises To Oxford University Over Fake Professorship Claim

Filmmaker and author Onyeka Nwelue has apologised to the University of Oxford for breaching the rules of engagement as an academic visitor.

Universities of Oxford and Cambridge terminated their relationship with the 35-year-old after he claimed to be a professor at both varsities.

In the past, he wrote on his Instagram bio that he was a “Prof of African Studies & Academic Visitor at University of Oxford & University of Cambridge”. On Twitter, he wrote that he was a “Professor + Academic Visitor”.

He has since deleted the remarks.

In a letter dated March 3, 2023 and addressed to Prof Miles Lamar of African history who is also the director, African Studies Centre, University of Oxford, Nwelue said: “I would like to convey how deeply sorry I am for being perceived racist, classist, misogynistic and sexist. Those do not reflect how I was raised, and I am sincerely sorry to everyone I have hurt.

“I did not mean to tarnish the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and I take full responsibility for events and situations which have been associated with their outstanding reputations. Even though I am no longer an Academic Visitor to both prestigious institutions, I am grateful for the platforms they provided me, and being able to work with the exceptional staff, students and faculty members in various respects.

“I understand how my conduct has and will affect my trusted colleagues and the initiatives I am involved in, and these will be reviewed. Coming to Oxford was not something I took for granted, and only wished to do everything within my means to make my time here as productive and rewarding for everyone as I could.

“Please, I am taking the time to reflect on everything that has transpired and hope that in the days and weeks ahead, I can be forgiven. I sincerely apologise.”

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