Pastor Chris Okotie’s Close Friend, Queen Ure Miraculously Survives Mysterious Fire Incident

imageCelebrity lady, Queen Ure recently survived a mysterious fire incident that ravaged her apartment. ire, who is the former wife of Soul-E and a very good friend of Pastor Chris Okotie, narrated how she escaped from being consummed by the inferno on her Facebook page.

Her narration, titled, Refined By Fire, is hereby re-produced below;

I almost got burnt on Thursday November 5, 2015. My house got burnt but I’m hale and hearty (Praise God). It was a day I saw God show up like never before, I must say prayer works. I got back home from work at about 8pm and being so tired, I slept off in the sitting room. I was jolted out of sleep by a loud sound at about 12:45am (Midnight), it was the sound of the explosion of the Tv in my bedroom. By the time I got up to check, my bedroom was on fire, I couldn’t do much as I live alone so I had to run out and start shouting for help. Neighbours started coming out, everyone running ‘helter skelter’ to contain the fire. Since no one could get into the house because of the smoke, they found a ladder, broke the windows and started pouring water from up (it was like a movie), the more they poured, the more the flames went up, the ac exploded while efforts were being made, no one thought the fire could be put out that night, neighbours started moving out their cars and some their families. In my confusion I still kept praying and calling on the Lord Jesus to show up and he did. We called the fire service, they called back after 30 mins to ask if the information was authentic, they didn’t show up. At about 1:30am three guys showed up from no where, they took it personal, they insisted on getting inside, with the small fire extinguisher that was being used from the top of the ladder, they went inside, put out the fire and came out unhurt, one of the neighbours gave them a bottle of wine and they left, we haven’t seen them again since then, God obviously “sent” them. At the time the fire was put out everything in the master bedroom was already burnt, all my clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, electronics, documents etc. So much smoke had gotten into the sitting room and most things destroyed, the guest room and the study had little damage but not much were there. The house is still not habitable, will take a bit of time to fix. After the fire was put out, that was when I looked at myself and my whole body was black, it then dawned on me that I had been sleeping for a long while while the house was burning to have had all that smoke on my body, I went to the hospital and was given some medication considering the smoke I had inhaled. Join me in thanking God for sparing my life, I could have been burnt if I hadn’t woken up, if the Tv had not exploded I wouldn’t have woken up. All the things lost are material things, they don’t mean anything, with time they can be replaced. This experience has reiterated what I’ve always believed in, life is not about THINGS but about PEOPLE and RELATIONSHIPS. The things that matter are smiles, hugs, laughter, love, Joy, peace, happiness, courage, strength, sweetness…..all intangible. I still have my smile, I still have my peace, I still have my joy. If at anytime, you find yourself in a real tight corner, just pray, there’s someone waiting to answer!!….

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