Pastor T. B Joshua Of The Synagogue Brought His People Light

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

I have not given up on Nigeria because the alternative is unthinkable. When the discos got their market segments, the people of Àkókó found themselves in darkness. Before the DISCOS were licensed, they paid their NEPA/PHCN bills. As soon as they were under a DISCO, they were cut off from the national power grid and plunged into darkness. They were told they have not been paying any money. Such a huge lie! Who were those in the NEPA/PHCN offices they have been paying to? The darkness lasted for more than a year. They had representatives and Senator in the NASS, yet none of them did anything to solve the problem. They have a governor, nothing was done. Last year, Pastor T. B Joshua intervened and paid N31million and power was restored.

On January 2nd, 2019 as his helicopter flew overhead, men and women started running towards his landing space to welcome him. Everyone I spoke with sees T. B Joshua as their liberator and he can do no wrong. A pastor delivered public good where government failed! No one has been held accountable for “eating” the money paid for months by four local governments. Not even an investigation into the matter was conducted. It is how impunity reigns in this country. The victims were held responsible for the crime they did not commit. I was told, Òkìtìpupa people were or are still in the same quandary. On this score, I thank pastor T. B Joshua for helping his people where government failed!

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