PDP May Be Heading For Its Final Burial– David Mark

imagePresident of the Nigerian senate, has expressed concern over the crisis rocking the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), advising that aggrieved party members sheathe their swords to prevent PDP from heading for the rocks.

Speaking when the party’s post-election committee led by Ike Ekweremadu, deputy senate president, visited him in Abuja, Mark appealed that the party needs to stand united to withstand the current challenges.
Some prominent figures in the party have been calling for the dissolution of its National Working Committee (NWC) over the dismal performance of the party in the general election. “Unless we halt the bleeding and find the necessary therapy, we may be heading for the final burial of the party,”
Paul Mumeh, Mark’s chief press secretary, said in a statement. “The party (PDP) is already comatose and we should do all we can to resuscitate the party rather than this unnecessary rancour and bulk passing. “The emerging factions (in PDP) are absolutely unnecessary.
The combatants must sheathe their swords and embrace dialogue. My appeal is that we should not do anything further that would damage the already-fragmented house. “Everybody should come together and rebuild the party. We have gotten enough bruises. We need not inflict further pains on ourselves, with continuous bickering.
“Enough of this blame-game. We should return to the drawing board and need not wash our dirty linen in the public, anymore.
I believe a useful lesson has been learnt from the PDP electoral misfortune. As for me, it is time to put on our thinking caps and chart a new course.
“I trust Senator Ekweremadu that he and his team will do a good job and unearth the remote and immediate causes of our misfortune and make recommendations that will enhance the future of the party.
“I have worked closely with the deputy president of the senate over the years and I know his capability and capacity to handle issues.”
He urged PDP stakeholders to rise above the present circumstances and work hard to rejuvenate the party. He said the new status of the party as an opposition is a challenge which “we must face with all honesty, sincerity of purpose and dedication to duty”.

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