Pentecostal Pastor Brags About His Posh Home, Cars On Facebook; Calls Critics ‘Haters’

imageA Pentecostal pastor has taken to Facebook to flaunt his home and cars and to also challenge anyone who could find a pastor that lives as well as does.

“Find me a pastor who is living in a house same like mine on the picture (sic) and I will give you R2500,” writes South African-based Pastor Hastings Salanje, a Malawian. Salanje, leader of the Wells of Revival Ministries in Johannesburg, has become a social media sensation and has gained more than 4000 followers since starting his Facebook page earlier this year.
Unlike most pastors, Salanje does not use the platform to share scriptures or reach out to his followers but rather uses it to brag and show off his riches.

His Facebook page is littered with images of his expensive cars and upmarket mansion.

“I want you to find me 3 cars similar to my one car, that Mercedes Benz S500 or 600 Blue efficiency 2012 to 2015 face lift, and I will reward you with R5000 (K200,000). If you get one I will give you R2500, the car must be in Malawi and with a Malawian number plate, whether belongs to the government I don’t mind”, his latest post reads.
“If you do that then I will know that your claim is right and I will stop testifying. But if you don’t then you are in trouble because I have just testified 20% of what God has done in the past 12months, you better unfriend me,” he further states.

He finishes the post by listing the cars he claims to have.

“Those S classes currently I have 4 of them, and this E class I have 2 of them, 2x range rovers, 2 x Land Rover Discovery 4, just to mention a few.”
His bragging has gained him a lot of criticism from those he refers to as ‘haters’.

According to website,, Salanje used to live in Lilongwe before fleeing the country amid rumours which suggested he was a Satanist.

His church, Wells of Revival Ministry was established in August 2000 in Blantyre, Malawi.


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