Peter Obi, A Pregnant Virgin In PDP’s Maternity Ward

A Love Letter By Churchill Okonkwo


Dear Peter Obi, on February 23rd, 1927, physicist Werner Heisenberg first described his Uncertainty Principle which states that the more precisely we can determine a particle’s momentum, the less information we have about its position, and vice versa. On December 8th, 2018, the PDP stated precisely that your account was frozen by the EFCC to slow down your momentum. Days after EFCC denied freezing your account; no one knows anything about your position. Virgin Peter, I understand that you are in labor in the PDP’s maternity ward, but I will still ask, did EFCC freeze your account?

Because you, Peter allowed the familiar PDP lies on account freezing to live, you went to the Vice-Presidential debate and ended up distorting facts; presenting alternative facts and lying with a straight face. Lies matter, Peter. Truth is not only violated by falsehood; it is equally outraged by silence. This is because all truths that are kept silent become poisonous. So, for the very last time, virgin Peter, tell Nigerians, did EFCC freeze your account?

Peter, Albert Einstein told us that one who is out to describe the truth should leave elegance to the tailor. Leaving elegance to the tailor, permit me, Peter, to state that contrary to the false impression economic transformation of Anambra state that you presented at the debate, your administration in Anambra was anchored around yourself (alone) and the churches (church-schism). You, virgin Peter Obi, re-engineered the churches to lay down the cross and pick up the sword and fight for money from the government. Is that what you will with the churches and mosques in Abuja?

Nwanne m Peter, you are like that dog that said he should be praised for having good teeth because he does not use a chewing-stick. You want Nigerians to give you credit for not corruptly enriching the political class in APGA, but you dangerously corrupted the Catholic and Anglican priests in Anambra State. You see, virgin Peter, virginity is the poetry, not the reality, of life. The reality of life is that the stench from your fart in Anambra is still fresh.

You, Peter, have been playing selfishly in your political career that everything has turned against you. When President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to make you a minister, the southeast PDP ganged up in opposition and presented Osita Chidoka. When the PDP gave you, Peter Obi, the mandate to select their governorship candidate in the last Anambra election, all the PDP stalwarts in Anambra and Southeast abandoned you and your hand-picked candidate finished a distant third.

It was not thus surprising to those of us following your checkered political life that your VP candidacy was also stiffly opposed by PDP leaders in the east. Their reason is simple; if they are to send a representative to dine with the wolves, Atiku and Saraki in Abuja, it should not be someone that is selfish and “stingy” (credit to Fr. Mbaka).

What the stakeholders of PDP are saying to you is that security is like virginity: you’re either a virgin or you’re not. They are telling you, Peter, that it is superstitions for you to have imagined that virginity while pregnant could be a virtue in PDP’s maternity ward with Atiku as the Chief Gynecologist ably assisted by Dr. Saraki. If a deceitful person buries himself, one of his arms will stick out. The PDP stakeholders in southeast know that one of your arms is sticking out and that it is a terrible disservice to Ndigbo to send you to Abuja.

You, Obi, is the only pregnant political virgin with a history of abortions and attempted abortions. You betrayed Ikemba Nnewi on whose back he rode to power in the first place; aborted the stillborn APGA; attempted to abort governor Obiano and attempted to abort Senator Victor Umeh. Since then, the perception of Ndi Anambra about your virginity changed.

I have heard that to set fire to a church is not so bad as to speak ill of a virgin. But I will rather speak evil to a fake virgin in PDP’s maternity ward than set fire to the church. One of the smartest covert political operations in Nigeria was executed by you, Peter, when you, through corrupt enrichment bought over the Anglican and Catholic churches. Thus, the churches in Anambra State that are meant to manifest the kingdom of the cross are now manifesting the kingdom of the sword. For destroying the heart and soul of the church, you, Peter has thus, lost your virginity.

Per Albert Einstein, any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. While the crooks in PDP lied using your name, you lied with sincerity in the debate to hype your performance as the governor of Anambra. The reality is that there is no safe driving for you, Saint Peter Obi through the murky political waters in Nigeria while seriously kissing the crooks in the PDP’s maternity ward.

Peter, I wrote this love letter to remind you that the greatest enemy of truth per John F. Kennedy is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. At the VP debate, you Peter Obi, the acclaimed professor of economic presented a myth, imagined (in your head) of the transformation of Nigeria like China and Indonesia. But as the governor of Anambra State, it was all about you and the corruption of the church.

Virgin Peter, your eight years of governance was never about job creation; it was not about human capital development; it was not about re-engineering government institutions; it was not about the state economy or improving revenue generation; it was not even about restructuring through local government autonomy you and your boss Atiku are promising; it was not about transparency as you were the alpha and omega that indiscriminately awarded contracts without bids.

How will run the federal government Economic Management Team? Through the bishops and imams? Poor Atiku picked you, a virgin, to heal his aching heart and cover his corrupt acts. Unfortunately, he never knew you were politically pregnant. Peter, your claim to “get Nigeria working again” with Atiku and Saraki is analogous to movement without acceleration.

Finally, I have heard that the police and your girlfriend are the only two people in your life that you should tell a lie. So, Peter, stop lying to Nigerians.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance, Peter.

From Churchill, with Love.

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