Plenary Proceedings of First Day of Sitting of The 8th Assembly

imageToday- Wednesday,10th June 2015 was the first official day of the Senate of the 8th National Assembly.
Today’s session was presided over by the new Senate President- Sen.(Dr.) Bukola Saraki. At the commencement of the session, the Senators called the attention of the Senate President to the misspelt names of some Senators. The corrections were noted and amended accordingly. The Senate President, Sen. Saraki urged all Senators to cross check thoroughly and ensure all names are correctly registered. —is this needed?
The Votes and Proceedings of the previous day (inauguration day) were then read and approved by the Senate.
The Senate President, Sen. Bukola Saraki also swore in the remaining 51 Senators that were unable to attend their inauguration yesterday. Each Senator took the Oath of Allegiance after which they filed through for a handshake with the President of the Senate.
The Senate then resolved into a closed session for a period and resumed a few minutes after. In the resumed plenary, a Senator by a Point of Order raised the issue of disenfranchisement of some Senators yesterday, which he said was a breach of the privileges of the 51 Senators. He was thus reminded by the Senate President, that according to the Senate Standing Rules, they are to discuss the matter with the Senate President first and were accordingly ruled out of Order.
Sen. Goje came by another Point of Order to give a little explanation of the happenings of yesterday which he insisted was not a breach of any form. Sen. Gemade coming under Order 15 insisted that the Senators went to answer a proclamation of the President and that due process must be given to all concerned. The Senate President by Rule 56(3) ruled him out of Order according to the provision of the Rules; that states that, a matter already discussed and ruled on in a session cannot be reopened in the same session. At this point, some Senators took a bow and exited the plenary.
The Senate considered the next matter of the day, which was Legislative communications and accordingly resolved:
i. “That a message be sent to Mr. President C-in-C informing him that the Presiding Officers of the 8th National Assembly of the Senate has been elected as follows: Senator Bukola Abubakar Saraki as the Senate President and Senator Ike Ekweremmadu as the Deputy Senate President.
ii. “That a congratulatory message be sent to the Hon. Speaker and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives on their election”.
iii. “That a message be sent to the African Union, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Inter Parliamentary Union, Ecowas Parliament, Pan African Parliament, Association of Senate, Shoora and Equivalent Council in Africa and the Arab World, that a quorum of the Senate of the 8th National Assembly has assembled and ready to receive any communication.

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