Pop Legend: Bubbly Emma Ogosi at 80

There are few people whose comportment ought to be their official title…or at least, one with the most fitting moniker. So, we celebrate the quintessential groove master and dashing ageless crooner, Gentleman Emma Ogosi as he clocks 80 today.

Whaoh… close to 60 ƴears plying the entertainment boulevard with elan and relentless graces. Who remembers the former Air Force Cadet officer who performed as Cherry Manuel with his band, The Expensives, at his “junior officer-friend”, IBB’s 1969 wedding in Kaduna.

Emma Ogosi joined the flying soldiers in 1963, alongside former Head of State, Lt. Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, late retired Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Ibrahim Alfa (and few others who had gone on to hold superior offices in the forces, and the country). It was also in 1963 that ‘The Expensives’ was formed. He stormed out of the force, for reasons Nigeria is still a lopsided country, and plunged into music fully, in 1967. He also joined NTA Benin as a producer.

Imagine meeting this ever-young music maker, composer, and TV producer more than 30 years ago, and he was already a veteran! He turned professional, musically, in 1967 – though he had moonlighted for four years previously! He soon became proficient in churning out ballards, soul, rock and country melodies: You and I, Orindo, Nobody Knows, A Lonely Child, I Love You, Give a Little, and the recently reprised Ebe Awelem Di.
Ogosi has gone on to mould and create a handful of remarkable veterans and stars dotting our musical firmament in the past four decades.

Today, your fans and fams felicitate a great humanist, an exceedingly warm heart, and a tremulously calm voice…with a child-like eagerness to see Nigeria soar and overcome her challenges and challengers.
Our prayer for you, Sir Emmanuel Ogosi… that the nation you love so much like a prodigal child who’s unaware of her greatness, will rise beyond her troubles and impediments, and manifest the fullness of her promise and prophecy.

Happy 80th birthday, sir.

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