Popular Blogger Dies of HIV

imageWell-known openly gay Instagram blogger Jarrett Scott Page, also known as” Messy Boots” has passed away, reportedly from complications from the HIV virus according to gossip blog Fameolous. He was reportedly with family and friends at his time of death. Jarrett gained most of his notoriety through his Instagram and Twitter gossip posts where his brash honesty and self deprecating sense of humor gained him thousands of fans.

Jarrett had mentioned recently that he was not feeling well and had been having stomach issues. His Twitter account was full of complaints about being sick and being in and out of the hospital over the last couple of months. His last Facebook post on June 27 assured his followers that he was doing okay and was simply taking a break.

On June 30, Ryan Page, who identified himself as Jarrett’s older brother, made a Facebook post, stating that Jarrett, “went on to that paradise in the sky last night!!” He went on to request prayers for himself and his family. When fans questioned how Jarrett had died, Ryan responded simply by stating, “HIV,” reporting that Jarrett had become sick with a sinus infection that became impossible to fight off.

Word of his unexpected death spread quickly through social media with his brother confirming his cause of death after rumors of his death being hoax surfaced. Fans were so shocked by news of his death that some questioned whether or not it was a fundraising stunt or if he had been murdered. Other fans wondered how Jarrett’s family gained access to all of his social media accounts. However, Jarrett’s family confirms his cause of death as complications from the HIV virus.

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