Popular Socialite, Femi Lekuti, aka Danku Suffers Stroke, Seeks Financial Help


One of the most popular socialites in the early 90s, Femi Lekuti aka Danku is currently battling a stroke ailment.

The Ibadan based socialite, whose mansion used to be a tourist attraction spot for the big boys in town is now down with stroke.

In the early 90s, no party was complete without his presence.

It was gathers that Lekuti’s battle with stroke started last year after he lost his bid to become Ibadan S-W House of Assembly rep.

According to sources, Lekuti had attended a friend’s birthday party at Genesis Event Center last year Athough he couldn’t spray money like he used to do, he was thankful for the gift of life.

He returned the same night to his rented 2 bedroom flat in Apata area of Ibadan where he reportedly slumped and since then, he has been battling stroke.

Lekuti, who is currently in Abeokuta needs urgent financial help to seek traditional cure to his ailment.

This is what the socialite told a reporter who visited him over the weekend:

“Yes, I’m battling stroke which has left part of my body in paralysis, right now I’m in Abeokuta where I was directed to seek traditional cure. Please reach my friends, tell them to help, I don’t want to die”.

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