Prof. Akindele – A Venerable Who Is Not Venerable

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

We are all sinners but it is shameful when a Professor of Accounting, who doubles as a Venerable (a title given to an archdeacon) in the Anglican Communion is bartering grades for sex. Which means, this guy could become a Bishop! Ha!

I understand his wife is a lecturer at the University of Ilorin. Prof. Akindele has become the poster boy for sexual harrassment, abuse of power and exploiter in Chief of asymmetrical relationship. He is many degrees higher in rank than aPORNstu Suleiman. While he molests peoples’ daughter’s, his two daughters are tucked away here in American Universities where they are treated with care, respect and served by their lecturers and given the dignity of a valued customer.

He has become an embarrassment to his congregation, his wife, his daughters and the academic community. I don’t know if this high decibel, social media shaming will harm him, because many in his circle are equally guilty. He is only unlucky to be caught on tape. What I know is that, he has tarnished his own name.

While this may be an avenue to pulverize randy college Professors, we can do well to shift attention to how education has become a trade by barter thing in Nigeria. Students routinely pay lecturers, buy them flat screen TV’s, fix their cars and other forms of gifts in exchange for grades. Where that is not possible, some pay in kind by offering sex personally or through third parties. Again, at root of what ails us, is a total loss of values. We are all reaping the results.

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