Rahama Sadau’s Controversial Photo Divides Kannywood Actors

It’s been about three weeks since Rahama Sadau’s Twitter photographs triggered controversy on and off the social media space. It still hasn’t ended as members of Kannywood take sides and hurl derogative words at each other.

The controversial picture posted by actress Rahama Sadau has continued to generate serious debate, especially on various social media platforms. Recently the issue took a new dimension as members of Kannywood were divided along interest lines, where those in support or against the actress attacked each other with derogatory comments.

It was reported that what started as an ordinary comment by Hafsat Shehu, who recently got married, did not go down well with erstwhile actress Mansura Isah, as the latter took to her Instagram page to lambast the former on Sadau’s comment that “actresses should stop displaying holier than thou attitude.” Though, few days after the post, actress Mansura deleted her response, the disagreement began to trend online giving rise to heated exchange of words among supporters on social media.

Mansurah’s Instagram post resurfaced in a YouTube video where she wrote: “I don’t want to talk, and please don’t force me to. I saw somebody who recently came out of police cell is also talking.” She also added that, “you see, all of us are sinners, but we fear people more than we fear God. If they are talking, you will see them putting on hijab. Who are you deceiving? Go and check their past, they don’t use to wear hijab. All of you just got the opportunity to bring out what is in your mind. I can only cry to my lord. Let that sink in your head and stop deceiving us with your fake and nonsense videos.”

Hafsat also said in a post, “We know married women who engage in adultery. Many of us are sinners, and we have dirty linen.”

A former actress, Fati Slow reacted in a video, “Don’t force us to start releasing bombs, you Yoruba woman. If you talk again, I will release my bombs. All of us have many things to say.”

Similarly, actress Rashida Adamu’s comment also generated arguments between members of Kannywood, a development that indicates the Hausa film industry is factionalised.

When contacted, the state secretary, Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN), Malam Salisu Officer revealed that it is unfortunate that the industry is facing such a dangerous threat. According to him, MOPPAN will soon hold a meeting to address the situation before it gets out of hand.

“This is an unfortunate situation. The industry is currently passing through one of the hardest moments in its history. We are aware of the current issue on social media and will soon meet to bring a halt to it very soon,” he said.

It’s about two weeks now since Sadau’s pictures sparked a debate on Twitter with some condemning what they considered to be indecent dressing, while others applauded her.

Sadau later apologized in a video and deleted the pictures after somebody posted a blasphemous comment which heated the controversy.

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