Ramsey Noah Stars In Ola Rotimi’s Play At Sheraton Abuja

imageFor two days Saturday, Nollywood star, Ramsey Noah featured in Ola Rotimi’s comic play Our Husband has Gone Mad Again.

The two-day show ended yesterday, at Ladi Kwali Conference Centre. The stage rendition featured other popular actors Ann Njemanze, Patrick Diabuah, TY James and a host of others. Nouah had announced a few weeks earlier that he would act in the play, a production of Mosaic Theatre Production, Cruise Entertainment partnering with Sheraton.

Ola Rotimi’s Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again is a rib cracking comedy that contains no politically stimulated scenes and makes no direct reference to any personality.

The producers aims at working towards a ‘Theatre at Sheraton’ initiative that would lead to a quarterly production of live performances at the top rate hotel in order to improve theatre going culture in Abuja.

Sheraton Abuja has made a commitment towards supporting the art with its involvement in theatre and cultural events, as evident in Ladi Kwali’s legacy, as it relates to culture. Sheraton’s involvement culminated in the offer of a dinner for people attending with VIP tickets and a night’s stay with breakfast at Sheraton for anyone who purchases the VIP table tickets.

Nouah expressed the opinion that theatre gives impetus to screen acting, saying it’s the reasons he agreed to be part of the production, 16 years after his last stage performance.

According to Nouah, “The truth be said that the base for the true art actually started out from stage. We are going to be here in Abuja, Sheraton, to do the stage drama Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again by Ola Rotimi, and I’ll be there; I’ll be performing on stage.” Free tickets were given out at hashtag: ‪#OurHusbandHasGoneMadAgainAbuja.

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