Rector of Maritime Academy Of Nigeria, Joshua Okpo Reported Dead

The Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Dr Joshua Okpo, has been reported dead.

According to Citizens United For Peace and Stability (CUPS, Dr. Okpo died Tuesday afternoon of possible heart attack.

Dr Okpo is currently under investigation commenced my the new Transport Minister for embezzling billions of Naira of the Academy’s funds. It can be recalled that in August and September this year the CUPS organisation in collaboration with the Oro Youth Movement (OYOM) wrote a comprehensive 32 pages petition that was sent to the erstwhile sacked Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Lamorde.

“The petition was never investigated because Ibrahim Lamorde happened to be a close friend of the late Dr. Okpo”, Cups said.

Meanwhile from the time the OYOM petition was sent to the EFCC on 1/9/2015 until recently, the late rector seized the opportunity of impunity to persecute the OYOM leaders.

Among those who suffered most is Pastor Joseph, whose house and office were ransacked and was subsequently detained and maliciously charged by the police for flaunting “State Secrets”.

Apparently the documents included in the petition, showing gross financial misappropriation by the Rector suddenly became state secrets!

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