REVEALED: Ex-president Jonathan’s Aide Returns N1.5bn Loot To FG

imageA close security aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan who was recently interrogated by security agents, had refunded to the Federal Government the sum of N1.5 billion he allegedly acquired illegally in office.

The report which did not name the aide said that President Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade has started yielding results with the recovery of billions of naira from some officials who served in the immediate past administration.

Quoting a source, the report said “The security agency has recovered N1.5 billion from an aide of former President Goodluck Jonathan. After a series of investigation, the money was traced to his account, which he could not explain the source as a public servant.

“The aide is not alone as some others have voluntarily returned money to the Federal Government to avoid prosecution,” a source in the presidential villa said.

Already, the Federal Government has concluded arrangements to create an escrow account for the lodgement of the recovered funds. Buhari had sought the assistance of foreign partners and institutions to help Nigeria in the recovery of over $150 billion stolen funds stashed in foreign banks.

It was learnt that about N1.5 billion has been recovered from one of the aides of the former president. Multiple sources confirmed that the money was traced to the aide who could not explain the source of the fund, considered to be proceeds from corrupt practices.

It was further learnt that the government has traced $1 billion to a single bank account in one of the western countries.

The money, believed to be proceeds from corruption, was said to belong to an official of the Jonathan administration. “We are making headways. Don’t forget that Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State revealed that one of Jonathan’s ministers stashed $6 billion abroad. As at today, we have traced $1 billion into an account in one of the Western countries. We will soon come up with startling revelations,” the source said. But the Buhari administration is keeping secret the identity of those who have voluntarily returned stolen money.

A presidency official confirmed that people are coming up with concrete evidence on the plundering of the nation’s commonwealth by past public office holders and public servants. “People are coming forward with documents on how the treasury was plundered.

Some details of the sordid transactions in the oil sector have been submitted to President Buhari. Nigerians will be surprised with the mindless looting of the treasury with those trusted with the nation’s commonwealth. It’s mind-boggling,” the source said. It was learnt that some of the permanent secretaries and top government officials had presented some damning documents on former public office holders relating to corrupt practices.

“The permanent secretaries did not just brief the president on the situation on ground in their respective ministries, but they presented some documents on some transactions that are not in conformity with due process. So, the briefing some of the permanent secretaries had with the president was revealing. Don’t forget that the permanent secretaries are the chief executives of the ministries,” the source added.

Already, Buhari has mandated Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo to coordinate the process of recovery of the stolen funds, it was learnt. A source close to the presidency said Osinbajo had been liaising with some officials and foreign partners who have volunteered to help Nigeria in the recovery of the fund. “We are hopeful that so much money will be recovered.

So, the vice-president has the mandate of the president to create the escrow account and work out other modalities. “The essence of this dedicated account is to ensure proper monitoring and judicious use of the recovered funds not like in the past where recovered stolen funds were mismanaged,” a source familiar with the arrangement said.

Buhari had, last week, stated that his administration had intensified efforts to recover looted funds. “We are getting cooperation from the international community, including information on ships that take crude oil from Nigeria and change direction, or offload their contents into other ships midstream. “Some monies were paid to individual accounts. We are identifying the financial institutions and countries that are involved,” Buhari said. It was learnt that the EFCC was raising a special team to help in the recovery efforts.

A source in the antigraft commission disclosed that operatives had commenced a discreet probe of accounts of former and present management staff of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and its subsidiaries. “The bulk of the money stolen is from the oil sector.

We have beamed the searchlight on the activities of the oil giant and its officials, both former and present, to know their culpability in several unwholesome transactions. We are also extending investigations to oil deals and other transactions in the oil sector. We are working with the NNPC on the inquiry,” an EFCC official said.

Source: New Telegraph

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