REVEALED: How Foreign Bankers Lure Nigerian Elite To Early Grave

Unknowingly, most Nigerian elite who patronise European banks are in danger of early death because of the manipulations of their bankers who introduce them to ‘doctors’ death’, LEADERSHIP investigations reveal.

Checks reveal that not a few of the elite in Africa and Nigeria in particular, are carriers of one killer disease or the other, especially cancer through the patronage of select doctors who are introduced to them by these banks.

According to a highly placed Nigerian, who craved anonymity, the antics of some of these notorious and selfish bankers in Europe, is to persuade “our rich and wealthy people to their early graves unknowingly”.

“Most of our elite across board who keep their money abroad are unaware of the danger they are exposing themselves to. The primary reason for doing this is to keep away their wealth and riches from their country but these bankers have no love for them. What those banks are found of doing is discouraging their customers from Africa, especially, Nigeria, in patronising the hospitals in their fatherland on the pretext of introducing them to the ‘best hospitals around’; they would tell them that as a result of their patronage, they were entitled to the best medical check-up at their own expense as this was their way of appreciating the customer. They will be persistent and consistent until their victims accepted.

“Once the customer accepts, he would be introduced to those hospitals that are on their payroll and such patient would be discouraged in allowing any other doctor to assess them for whatever reason. He would be asked to visit them whenever the need arises.

“It is in this process that one of those killer diseases will be injected into his or her system which may take months or even years to manifest. Even when the disease is detected, they are the ones the victim will run to and in the event that the patient goes elsewhere, they might not be able to diagnose the main problem until it is too late.”

Speaking further, the source who is a top security officer, advised those who have not joined the league to stop the idea because “it is an invitation to an early grave”.

According to him, “The only reason why most wealthy Nigerians are engaging in what is now referred to as ‘medical tourism’ is to cover up the disease they are nursing and to abide by the rules and regulation given to them by their European doctors who lure them to early graves unknowingly.”

When asked of the intention of those banks and hospitals that practice such deadly game, he explained that it was for selfish reasons.

“You may not understand, what they are doing is to kill their choice customers and keep the money in their custody and they share this ill-gotten wealth between themselves and their medical collaborators.”

The source went further to explain another new trick the banks have just introduced to keep these funds in their custody, “those notorious banks have different ways of snatching our money from those who keep it with them. There is a particular banking system which can only be accessed through the customer’s voice in order to transfer money from their account to another. What you just need to do is to answer calls from your bank to confirm and that is all but the danger is once you are dead, there is no one who can operate it because you have gone with your voice.”

The source, who has spent most of his career abroad, urged the elite in Africa and Nigeria in particular to stop patronising banks in Europe in order to save their lives. They should rather invest their money in the continent, taking a cue from the good work Dangote is doing all over as regards job creation.

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