REVEALED: How Fulani ‘Local Surgery’ Couldn’t Save Akeem Sodeinde

image…his excessive drinking and smoking habit
… his unfulfilled dream in Abuja.

Nigeria’ most popular nightclub mogul and owner of Movida Nite Club, Akeem Sodeinde is dead. Sodeinde, who was popularly called General died in his sleep, in the early hours of Sunday, May 10, after battling Kidney ailment for many years .

Sodeinde’s battle with the Kidney ailment started almost 10 years ago, shortly after the death of his mother, who was his backbone. The affable night club businessman, who had just one functional kidney, was said to have battled smoking and drinking addictions until the very end.

Most of his friends, patrons, fans had hoped that, having been diagnosed of acute diabetes many years back, he would slow down on his drinking and smoking habit. But Sodeinde continued with his habit, as he never slowed down on clubbing, gambling and partying.
After going through various surgeries in India and the United Kingdom, Sodeinde returned to Nigeria to re-launch his club in style. Again, he was advised to stop drinking, but he refused to heed the piece of advice.

It was gathered that at a point, a Fulani herbal medical practitioner was contracted to cut through his skin and suck out the clot of blood using a horn. It was gathered that Sodeinde had confided in his friends that his doctors in India and United Kingdom had vowed not to conduct any surgery on him again because the last surgery he had was done through his anus.

Sources disclosed that the last days of Sodeinde were filled with nightmares and pain. Reports have it that the blood clot blocked his organs. Yet the Movida boss never slowed down on smoking and indulging in excessive alcoholic consumption.

Insiders revealed that, Sodeinde, during his last days never knew how to slow down, as he believed he would that death was inevitable. His daily mantra was ‘death will surely come’.

“He never feared death” one of his close confidants said.

One of his unfulfilled dreams was his plan establish the biggest night club in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria.

Sodeinde had told friends that he wanted to have a mega club in Abuja, where he would be able to replicate what he did with Movida, Lagos for fun seekers in the capital city.

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