REVEALED: How Teslim Folarin’s Transformer Was Removed

imageThe airwaves have been riddled with reports that Teslim Folarin, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Oyo state, withdrew a transformer he donated to Sabo community in Ibadan, capital of the state, hours after losing the election.
It was also reported that it took Abiola Ajimobi, the Oyo state governor, just one day to replace the withdrawn transformer. But a visit to the community reveals that the matter is not exactly as it has been portrayed.
About five months before the general election, the people in the Hausa-dominated community had made requests to the governor for a transformer to meet its electricity needs.
According to Mogaji Abubakar, leader of the youths and the Sabo Central Mosque, the governor promised to grant their request, but kept on dilly-dallying.image
“Our politicians are all over, looking to suit their bellies only. You come to me and say you’re for APC, PDP, SDP, Labour, when you come to me I would say I would vote for you, but you know I can only vote for one person,” he said, adding that the community took advantage of the opportunity to also present their need to other politicians.
While Teslim Folarin gave them the transformer (pictured) as they requested, they found out, when it came, that it was small and could not step down the high tension power transmitted to the community. Folarin told them to state the exact one they needed and he would provide it.
“The PDP tried, they shared money, clothes, rice, umbrella, oil. The PDP coordinator for the community was pained that despite all he shared, on election-day, those who didn’t even spend money had more votes than the PDP candidate,” he said.
“He took the transformer without consulting other PDP members. He came very early on Sunday morning to take the transformer and took it to a neighbouring area.
“We gave you so you can vote for us but since you didn’t vote, we have taken our transformer.”
imageGov Ajimobi’s Transformer
He added that the governor then brought his promised transformer a day after Folarin delivered his transformer.
As against popular opinion that Folarin withdrew the transformer after losing the elections, Abubakar said Folarin knew nothing about the withdrawal and in fact, the transformer was returned about 20 minutes after it was withdrawn.
“As he (the PDP coordinator) took the transformer, within 20 minutes, other PDP members were angry with him and ensured he returned the transformer.
“As they (the PDP) brought back the transformer, the community revolted, rejecting the transformer – they closed the gate (to the central Mosque) denying the PDP entry. They pleaded with us but we refused, and they had to take the transformer elsewhere.
“They eventually went to beg the king and the Mogaji, who then pacified the people to allow the return of the transformer.”
The community now has two transformers, from Ajimobi and Teslim Folarin, but none of them had been fixed as of Sunday evening.
The transformers are presently at the Sabo central Mosque, Mokola-Sabo axis, Ibadan, awaiting installation, more than a week after they were donated by the political big guns.

Source: TheCABLE

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