REVEALED: Shagari Was In His Farm When The Media Reported Him Dead

imageFormer President Shehu Shagari was in his farm in his village, Shagari, Sokoto state, on Sunday when sections of the media reported him dead, TheCable understands.
On Sunday afternoon, rumours were circulating that he had died, but family sources told TheCable that he was “hale and hearty”.
“Please ignore the rumour. I can tell you specifically that he was in his farm this afternoon. And he was back home in the evening,” he said.
“As a Muslim, Shagari would have been buried before sunset on Sunday if indeed he died in the afternoon as reported. And there is no way this will not be officially announced.”
Another source, a politician, said: “As I talk to you, one of his sons is on the campaign train of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Sokoto state.
“He was with us at a rally on Sunday afternoon till this evening. If his father had died, he would have returned home.”
Shagari, who recently marked his 90th birthday, became the first executive president of Nigeria in 1979 and was overthrown in a military coup in 1983.
He was minister of economic development in 1960, minister of internal affairs in 1962 and minister of works and survey in 1965.

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