Ribadu Promised To Sell Adamawa Cement Assets To Dangote For Campaign Funds – PDP Candidate

imageimageAlso alleges Nuhu Ribadu hijacked PDP funds

A PDP senatorial candidate who lost in the past general elections has made troubling allegations against the party gubernatorial candidate for Adamawa state, former EFCC boss Mallam Nuhu Ribadu.

Umar Bello, aka ‘Calculate,’ a southern senatorial aspirant who just lost to the APC accused state candidate Nuhu Ribadu and his brother Sani Ahmadu Ribadu of hijacking PDP funds which he (Bello) and Walin Ganye had been accorded for their campaigns from the Presidency.

According tot he senator, Hassan Tukur who imposed Nuhu Ribadu on Adamawa PDP budgeted the amount of 1.8 billion for party campaigns. The presidency approved of this budget through Jonathan’s chief of staff but the money for the senators was usurped by the Ribadu brothers and never given to Bello and Walin Ganye and others as was designated.

Additionally, they alleged that state party campaign donations to the tune of $4 million given by a billionaire, Dahiru Mangal have also been usurped by the Ribadus and not used for their campaigns.

Senator Bello further alleged that cement oligopolist, oligarch Aliko Dangote donated 2 billion naira to the Ribadu campaign on the agreed condition that in the event of Nuhu Ribadu winning the state, Nuhu will sell Adamawa state government cement assets to Dangote, he said all PDP senatorial aspirants and those for house of reps are his witnesses, naming Senator Jingina, Aliyu Idi Hong, former minister and senatorial aspirant, Walin Ganye and others. He challenged anyone who denied these facts to come debate on the radio to the audience of the general public if they are brave enough to challenge his exposé.

Meanwhile in related scandals, NewsRescue exclusively reported how Nuhu Ribadu’s younger brother, Sani Ahmadu Ribadu promised that if President Jonathan did not win the presidential election held March 28th, he was going to have his hand cutoff.

For the days following Jonathan’s defeat, youth have been going to Ribadu’s brother’s his house demanding he, Sani Ahmadu come out so that they cut the hand. Sani refused to comoe out all day the first day and then police were deployed to guard his house.

As we reported, Sani Ribadu has been in charge of a billions funded campaign to buy voters across Adamawa or Goodluck Jonathan and his brother, Nuhu Ribadu. The campaign involved the state party members illegally obtaining an INEC registered voters list and dedicating 100 men teams per ward to go and offer registered voters on the list N10,000 to swear on the Quran or Bible that they will vote for Jonathan and Ribadu.

Our reporters found that members of the Nuhu team are reportedly decamping to join APC from ward to the state level as elders of his ward disowned Nuhu Ribadu for trying to impose Goodluck Jonathan on them. In Bako ward where Nuhu hails from, home owners are actually drawing and pasting general Buhari’s portraits on their walls in deliberate violation of Nuhu and his brothers.

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