Sammy Okposo…Our Big Brother

Glowreeya Braimah

This is our Big Brother!

Our Big Brother was our Choir Director and gave us rides from rehearsals at Dodo Williams,Surulere and Eko Studios, Ikeja to the Island nearly twice/thrice a week in the late 90s/early 2000s and would then drive back home to the mainland.

Our Big Brother would take the time to drop us off one after the other at home (all the ‘squeezers’ that could fit into the back-seat of his small car) ‘cos he didn’t want us taking buses/taxis late at night.

Our Big Bro’ knew how to throw a radical Jesus party(regardless of the time, place, platform or location).

Our Big Bro’ would let us in to hear every song for our feedback before he released it (inspite of being the maestro that he was and even shared feedback that other people gave him too).

Our Big Bro’ loved to have hearty conversations and meals shared with other people. Whether it was a bukka or a 5 star restaurant, he knew his way around them all.

Our Big Bro’ was a humorous storyteller/impersonator. Rib-cracking/fall down on the floor kind of laughter.He coined up names for everyone/everything.

Our Big Bro’ gave us a wonderful Sister in Ozy.She was his human angel! (Father, keep her Ozy Okposo in your love!

Our Big Bro’ could display his dexterity on my piano at home and would sing out so loud that it righteously disturbed our whole neighbourhood.

Our Big Bro’ had BIG ENERGY and was such a force to be reckoned with.

Our Big Bro’ was such a pillar of support and strength to so many using his influence/platform to do many things (behind-the-scenes which the world may never hear about).

Our Big Bro’ was really a Soldier in life! He was never afraid to go into ‘battle’ especially for anyone that he was committed to.He used every scar he received as a star to shine light.

Our Big Bro’ was enigmatic and could blend into any crowd.

Our Big Bro’ chose GOD over and above, (flaws and all), again and again and again!

I called our Big Brother PAPA AFRIQUE (because he carried something from Africa to the world)!

He loved this song of mine #UfedoOjo ‘cos he said it broke him before God!

Thanks for the lifetime memories,Papa Afrique! Sammie Okposo


Your G-vibes #AdaJizos1ofthewholeuniverse

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