Saraki’s Dual Citizenship: How Gutterly People Can Go To Destroy Others

…By Aminu Muhammad Ofs
imageBukola Saraki was Senior Special Adviser to President Obasanjo for over two years, He was Governor of Kwara State for eight years. He was for about four years Chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum. He has been a Senator for over four years now. He joined the APC well over one year ago. Bukola Saraki contributed hugely to the APC Campaign Teams. He 100% delivered Kwara State to APC.

Nobody remembered he has dual citizenship.

Nobody remembered he was as they allege a petty thief.

I hate how gutterly people go to destroy others. What exactly are Saraki’s crimes?

When did aspiration within your own party become such a huge crime?

If you knew all these when he joined and you didn’t reject him. If you knew all these when he contributed and mobilised hugely financially for the success of APC party and you didn’t reject his money. You have knowledge of all these and you didn’t reveal them when he delivered 100% to your party and you didn’t reject that victory. You are devilish and a hypocrite.

Saraki, as far as I know, has committed no crime. His only crime is aspiring and rightfully too.

When the APC should have zoned the offices after securing the Presidency, the desire of some people and the weak NWC of the party to have a particular zone produce both the number two man and the number four and the feared resistance didn’t allow them do so. You allowed members of your party aspire only to attempt rigging them out at the 11th hour and think they will not resist. As far as I am concerned, I will do what Saraki did if I am in same circumstance.

The APC leadership disgracefully messed up and should be blamed entirely for the crisis rocking the National Assembly. Their carelessness, greed and selfishness is the reason why all that is happening now is happening.

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