Senator-Elect, Buruji Kashamu Says, ‘Going To The US Is Like Jumping Into Fire,’

imageSenator-elect, Buruji Kashamu has said that he has no plans of visiting the US as such a trip would be the same as jumping into fire.
Kashamu also claims to have visited the US before despite allegations that he had been indicted of drug dealing in Chicago in 1998.
The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain made the comments during a recent interview with Sahara TV.
“I am a Nigerian. I am not running away from my fatherland. If anyone thinks he has a case against me, he should follow due process and we will take it up from there. I am not under any obligation to go to the US to answer the same charges after the true judgment of the British court has exonerated me of the same allegations,” Kashamu said.
“Asking me to take the next available flight to the US so as to clear my name is like asking me to jump in a fire-may the Almighty rescue me from it. If the US prosecutor could hide important evidence that later exonerated me in the UK court, only God knows what they will do in their country,” he added.
“I have done a lot of things to clear my name. I spent four years in detention at the hands of the US authorities to prove my innocence before I was eventually exonerated. This was also in the presence of the US prosecutors and other agencies in various countries, like the Republic of Benin, Nigeria. It was after a rigorous trial with pictorial and documentary evidence that I was discharged,” Kashamu said.
“I have never in my life put my foot into the United States. I have never demanded for their sticker. I have been a businessman right from 18 years old. Up till today, I continue doing my business. My last submission is that I know nothing about what they are saying over there,” the Senator-elect concluded.
Kashamu has also been accused of being the famed “Alhaji” whose dealings formed the inspiration for Netflix hit series “Orange is the New Black” which was written by American, Piper Kerman.
Meanwhile, Kashamu has filed a case to prevent being extradited after accusing former President, Olusegun Obasanjo of plotting to abduct him and have him transported to the US.

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