Software Gives Damning Verdict On Jonathan, Shows Buhari Is More Presidential

imageAn American software that specialises in analysing speeches has given a damning verdict on President Goodluck Jonathan while showing that Muhammadu Buhari may be more presidential if Nigerians were to rely on the acceptance speeches each of the candidates gave at their parties’ conventions last December.

The software, used by, shows clearly that while President Jonathan was more interested in his party and the political campaign, General Buhari was more interested in the people and their future.

The ten most important words Jonathan used that day, the software shows, were “Party, Party, PDP, Campaign, Political, Great, Continue, Challenges, Must, People”.

On the other hand, the ten most important words, Buhari, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, used that day were “Nigeria, Government, National, People, Democracy, Poor, Poverty, Nation, Infrastructure, New”.

The contrast between both Jonathan and Buhari is startling and goes to show the core differences between them, only 25 days to Nigeria’s toughest presidential election in 16 years.

The website,, which gives a pictorial analysis of what candidates say on the campaign trail, seems to have exposed President Jonathan as being out of touch, selfish and only interested in remaining in Aso Rock for another four years, while showing that Buhari may be genuinely interested in Nigeria, its government, its people, their poverty, their infrastructure and democracy.

This is the first time, a software would be analysing presidential speeches in Africa’s most populous and richest country, a rich nation full of poverty and with people who remain stuck in squalor and hopelessness in an ocean of wealth and blessings.

The software also shows that Jonathan’s speech writers may be clueless or simply out of touch like the president himself.

This is a presidential election breaking news and breaking views. You can see pictorial analyses of both speeches below and make up your mind.

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Jonathan’s acceptance speech

Buhari’s acceptance speech

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