South-West Nigeria: Don’t Let This House Collapse By Ayo Turton

imageExcept something is done urgently the central political house of the Southwest is about to collapse from within.
As it is, nothing good is happening in the political household. It has never been this bad.
Few days after the election of Buhari, there appeared to be a co-ordinated attack on the person of Gov. Fayemi, because each time you open The Nation newspaper around that time, there is always an anti-Fayemi article in the paper, this couldn’t have been a coincidence, especially from a supposed friendly news outfit.
Right now, the attack has moved from Fayemi to Fashola. The attacks have been intense in the last few days. The same Fashola that they sang hossanah for yesterday, they are singing crucify him today. All these are coming from supposed friendly quarters.
Gov. Ambode rather than settling down to work is still busy dismantling Fashola’s structure.
Gov. Aregbesola is facing a barrage of attacks bordering on financial scandals in Osun in an unprecedented manner.
There has been a lull in activities since the election of Ajimobi and Amosun, it is like nothing is happening in those places.
Gov. Fayose is still busy moving from one palm wine joint to the other and only stop on his way to throw some stones at the federal government. Nothing about governance is emanating from that axis.
Gov. Mimiko is busy destroying and committing treachery against the people on his way out of office. Southwest used to be the home of progressive politics, it used to set a standard for others to follow.
Right now, we are looking up to Kaduna, it looks like that sane order is crumbling fast and a mediocre new system of governance and activities are emerging and I am seriously worried that this house will collapse from within.
While some of us are busy criticizing Buhari for not making enough appointments from the SW yet, considering the tremendous support he garnered from the area during the election, I heard from credible sources that the SW political leadership keep rejecting Buhari’s suggestions that may mean square pegs in square holes, but instead suggested some political jobbers’ names and asked him to fix them anywhere he wants.
This is not a good sign, the SW needs to put its political house in order. Because it is beginning to look like another turbulent 4 years ahead. It also looks like our central structure is about to collapse. ..
Let the leadership gets reasonable now!

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