‘Spirit’ Warned Woman Her Husband Was In Danger, She Rushed Home To Find Him Crushed Under Their Car

imageA woman saved her husband’s life after getting an inexplicable feeling that something bad had happened.

Nicole Mayhew, from Utah, was at work when she felt a strange sensation that something wasn’t right, so she rushed home to check on her husband.

Meanwhile, 43-year-old Scott Mayhew had become trapped under the car he was working on in their family garage, after the vehicle had fallen off the jack.

Scott Mayhew had been trapped under the car for an hour and a half crying for help, but nobody had heard him.

“He said he remembers he could barely breathe and he kept thinking he could hear the cars go by,” his wife, Nicole Mayhew told Fox 13. “He didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Nicole believes that a “spirit” alerted her to her husband’s danger.

As soon as she pulled up onto their driveway, she knew she’d been right to come home.

“I got out and I heard my husband say, ‘help me love,’ and he was in the garage,” she said. “I thought, ‘it’s on him, it’s got to be on him, the car,’ that’s what’s in my head, so I knew immediately.”

“When I came in he knew I was panicking and he just slowly said, ‘I’m OK,’ but I knew he was in a lot of pain,” said Nicole. “He said call 911 and when he said that I knew it was not good.”

With the help of a neighbour, Nicole managed to lift the vehicle off her husband using the jack.

She added: “He was still talking a little, he couldn’t breathe that well at all, it just freaked me out. He said he kept praying for me to come home.”

When paramedics arrived, they flew the father-of-five to the University of Utah Hospital as they were concerned he might have internal bleeding.

He came away with six broken ribs and, luckily, his life – all thanks to his wife’s intuition.

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