STILL AT WORK: The Judases Who Betrayed Jonathan and Nigeria By Pius Adesanmi

imageThe traitors who plotted Goodluck Jonathan’s fall with the most fanatically irresponsible followership I have ever seen anywhere in Africa are determined to make this new beginning for our beloved country a stillbirth.
They are joking
We are here to crack their stubborn coconut heads
They blocked the civic process, blocked patriotism, emptied citizenship of dignity, turned the contract between leader and follower to a Dionysian rite and decreed that the only way they would allow the rest of us to be Nigerians was through an unconditional acceptance of a democratic President as a “kabiyesi”.
“Ka bi e si” – literally means that mere mortals cannot question the man on that throne because he is alase ekeji orisa (owner and wielder of authority, body double of the Orisas)
They convinced Jonathan he was a Kabiyesi, a body double of the Orisas. They turned his head, skewed his mind, and made a monster of an ordinarily good man.
While in power, these followers looked at Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Lee Kuan Yew, Barack Obama, and decreed that at worst, Jonathan was their equal, at best, he was better than all of them combined.
In doing that they betrayed Nigeria. For your responsibility as a citizen is to our country and not to a God created by a personality cult. You’d think that what happened yesterday would cause them to pause, ponder, and sober up.
For where?
They have doubled down, arrogant losers that they are.
Now, they say Mandela, MLK, Yew, and Obama are even too small for their Orisa who must now win the Mo Ibrahim Prize (for good governance!) the Nobel Prize for Peace, and then be rewarded with the position of UN Secretary-General! They are determined to deceive and separate this man from reality to the very end. What did GEJ ever do to them?
Now it would be funny and amusing if they limited this idiocy to their own circuits of sorry-ass sore loserhood. No, humility is not in their DNA. They have fanned across the land since yesterday, intimidating and bullying all the Buharists who worked so hard for yesterday’s hard-earned victory.
I have witnessed elections in many African countries. I have witnessed elections in France and Britain. I have witnessed elections in the United States and Canada.
Never in my life have I seen a situation where election losers determine post-election atmospherics and the behaviour of the country! These losers in Nigeria are pregnant and nursing a baby.
First they started guilt-tripping the victorious Buharists – who fell for their rubbish – by insisting on magnanimity in victory.
Then they continued the intimidation by criminalizing anybody who did not join in the immediate nonsense of lionizing the post-election status of Goodluck Jonathan. Many Buharists allowed themselves to be led on a leash by these irresponsible sore losers.
If you are a Buharist on this train, get off immediately. You are forgetting one thing.
Your magnanimity as a winner must come from you, evolve from your heart, not prompted by the say-so of arrogant losers.
Your magnanimity must come after one thing has happened. The losers must have acknowledged the victory of your candidate and warmed up to it in a grand act of post-electoral reconciliation and sportsmanship.
Goodluck Jonathan did this and I thank and commend him for it. Not Nobel-level act but class act. You cannot take that away from him. Unfortunately, many of the overzealous followers who destroyed him have not received the memo of class-act sportsmanly loserhood from their principal.
Many of these characters have refused to acknowledge Buhari’s victory. On the contrary, they have continued to demonize him, call him names, while insisting that you, Buharist, recognize Jonathan as Nigeria’s new Nobel Peace Laureate and UN Secretary-General, positions he will hold only temporarily till they demote Angel Gabriel from heaven and replace him with Goodluck Jonathan.
What arrogance!
What hubris!
And many of you, Buharists, are falling for this nonsense. Stop it! If anybody who has not accepted Buhari’s victory and congratulated him comes near your wall to bully and heehaw you with commandments of magnanimity, asking you to lionize Jonathan, take your koboko and whip the heck out of his unteachable Jonathanian ass.
One idiot came to my Wall this morning to post nonsense about Buhari the Jihadist. I deleted his comment and blocked his ass.
One woke up yesterday and opened a silly thread on his Wall asking people to name the Judas Iscariot who betrayed Goodlluck Jonathan. It was an open season on Yoruba people as traitors (to be fair, he condemned ethnic bashing) until my brother, Ayo Turton , entered the thread with his koboko and cracked some coconut heads. Because they are always supremely blind to irony, the owner of the said thread does not know how to stand in front of a mirror. He would have seen the model of the Judas who betrayed Goodluck Jonathan with robotic, unpatriotic, unquestioning followership which blinded the man to reality because they never told him the truth. It is the sort of followership that would make a President not know that he had a diplomatic row with another country. These are the Judases who betrayed GEJ and betrayed Nigeria.
Another one woke up this morning from whatever he has been sniffing after the defeat yesterday to declare imperiously that Buhari would not have congratulated Jonathan bla bla bla and more bla. Buhari demonizing extravaganza.
Is this is the sort of arrogant sore loserhood that will dictate the post-election atmospherics for the rest of us?
Since when have losers dictated such things for victors?
We will not tolerate this.
Lookia, you Buharist. I knew what I was saying when I said we shall forgive only the forgivable among them and unforgive the unforgivable recidivists among them.
Buhari is their next President, not you. He is the one who must reach out to them and provide leadership for all of us, not you.
It is not in your place to babysit their gargantuan egos.
It is not in your place to babysit their sore loserhood.
Either they wallow in it or they snap out of it – that is their funeral.
If they are determined not to let us move forward, it is your job not to hang your koboko.
What we must be ready to do is forge a coalition of the willing and work for Nigeria with reasonable Jonathanians who have shown great sportsmanship by first acknowledging the victory of our man and congratulating us. Those are the ones who can elicit sentiments of magnanimity in victory and generosity of spirit from us – not these arrogant ones who are bullying everybody with their sore loserhood.
The new Nigeria we are all going to work our asses to build must be for all.
But that Nigeria will also be Oja Oyingbo.
Trust me, these two statements are not mutually exclusive.
You will not force the language of reconciliation and magnanimity on me while you are at work, busy as ever abusing and demonizing Buhari all over the place.
Until I rid your head of lice
My finger nails shall remain drenched in blood.
Enu e lawa yi.

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