Still On Diezani; The Fantasy Bra

By Bamidele Ademola-Olateju

Barely 48 hours after I wrote about nuance, some people came to my wall telling us what a thief Diezani was. Na today? People are free to think and write what they feel. What is at issue is; is it okay to list a woman’s bra for sale? Must the bra be listed? Are her waist trainers jeweled too? I see that the word invisible bra is giving some people seizures. It is available on Jumia. Go buy one. How many men who stole in Nigeria, has Nigeria listed their intimate apparels for sale? Oh! Because their briefs and boxers are not encrusted with diamonds? One Wazzock who has gone cuckoo for coco pops even accused me of telling a terrible lie because I wrote that women are hounded. I am not surprised. We have many who were reared like goats without any interpersonal skills. The sloboramus probably got angrier because he works for the Punch. If he were a decent man would have declared his association before his twaddle but do they have any manners? Who will teach them etiquette? Rádaràda!

Yesterday, the usual propagandists grabbed bejeweled bras from the internet and started circulating it. These are mostly country bumpkins whose access to cheap data is an assault on our collective peace. What they were sharing with glee is called the FANTASY BRA. I am a Victoria’s Secret Angel and have been for almost 25 years.

The Fantasy Bra was first won in fashion show in 2001. Before each fashion show, a jeweler create the bra for Victoria’s Secret as a focal point for the fashion show. After the show, the Fantasy Bra is offered for sale. Only the 2004 and 2012 Fantasy Bras have been sold. If the bras are not sold after a year, they are taken apart and the jewels removed. Super model Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum. Gisele Bündchen, Karolína Kurková, Alessandra Ambrosio have all worn Fantasy Bras at the time I used to watch the shows. The bras are pricey and a collectors item.

Did I write that Diezani did not steal? People forget she was a director in shell before becoming a minister. She is married to a top military brass. Diezani was never poor. I am not a minister of anything but I have over two dozen handbags and even more shoes. Why not focus on the things she acquired in office? The big stuff. We women save for bags, shoes and jewelry. We acquire those things as we grow. These cheap Majamaja propaganda is puerile. Stop grabbing bra online to prove your defective points. Show us her real KOSTAY. Show us her underwire demi-bras, the balconettes, the plunge bras, the racerbacks, strapless and the full coverage. Until then, you are just a low level voyeur. These things are a form of mania. Watch it! It is capable of snowballing into more sinister disorders. Òṣì ratamárayọ̀!

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