Taliban Fighters Sweep Into Afghan Capital After Government Collapses

The Taliban fighters strolled into the marbled halls of Afghanistan’s presidential palace unopposed, their dusty boots and sandals treading gingerly on the fine carpets.⁠

With their beards and capes, and an AK-47 on the table, they took up a sombre pose at the desk of Ashraf Ghani, the departed president. The Taliban’s standard was hoisted on the roof.⁠

The Islamist victors claim to have changed since they ran the country twenty years ago. Few believe them.⁠

The militants have already stopped women from working in other provinces and ordered families to hand over their daughters to be “married” to fighters.⁠

The form of regime would soon be clear, said the Taliban’s spokesman. To read how they might rule Afghanistan this time, and why the West faces a dilemma, click on the link in our bio.⁠

Credit: AP Photo/Zabi Karimi

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