Tanzania President John Magufuli Helps Clean Streets

imageTanzania’s new President John Magufuli has joined hundreds of residents in the main city Dar es Salaam to take part in a public clean-up operation.
Mr Magufuli picked up rubbish from the street outside State House as part of the scheme, which he had ordered to replace Independence Day celebrations.
The move is being seen as symbolic of the president’s promise to tackle corruption, our correspondent says.
Thousands of people across Tanzania are reported to have joined the clean-up.
Last month, Mr Magufuli cancelled traditional independence day celebrations, which usually include a military parade and concert, saying it would be “shameful” to spend huge sums of money while the country was facing a serious cholera outbreak.
“Let us work together to keep our country, cities, homes and workplaces clean, safe and healthy,” Mr Magufuli told a crowd of surprised onlookers as he picked up rubbish off the street, AFP news agency reports.

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