That Asset Declaration of Nasir El-Rufai, By Akemokue Lukman

imageNasir Ahmad El-Rufai] has never been a poor man. As a resourceful and intelligent quantity surveyor, he founded one of the most successful quantity surveying firms in Africa, El Rufai & Partners, a company that consults for global conglomerates and governments mostly outside the shores of Nigeria. The company has handled multi million Dollars businesses and still counting. Each time he takes up a govt appointment, he promptly excuses himself from the board for risk if ‘conflict of interest’. I know his personal and business integrity worth in the United Arab Emirates, where he has cut a niche for himself and Nigerians. In the UAE, where the Arabs see every Nigerian as a “black magic” or “scammer”, you only need to drop his name as your acquaintance to secure the needed cooperation from Arabs to do business with. He does business at the highest level of govt and personality, and you need only one asset to succeed in such clime: Unquestionable Integrity! I showed keen interest on this Nigerian when my sister, Somi Obozuwa, gave me an elaborate oral resume of his personal principles. I got close to him and I have never been disappointed by his frankness and straightforward approach to issues.

So I’m at loss why this deliberate attempt at character assassination of this great Nigerian who has just settled down to do a job Kaduna people have cut out for him
But one thing I know: El Rufai has earned every kobo, every cent and every shilling he has. That is one thing I can vouch for whether he declares $1 trillion as his asset.

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