The Gandujes’ Travail: Abnormality of the Highest Order

By Olawale Olaleye

A son accused his mother of fraud, requested that she be arrested and the anti-graft agency has reportedly picked her up. There’s no place for morality here and that’s being honest. This is an abnormality of the highest order.

Indeed, I do not think she’s his biological mother. This is preposterous. The same son, who couldn’t utter a word during the Gandollar scandal, is now eager to send his own “mother” to jail?

I met some young brilliant northern minds at the Oxford University, UK, two years ago and they told the seminar I attended that they did a forensic of the bribe video and it was genuine. But the EFCC isn’t keen about that and the presidency defended it too.

Yet, from the same family, a son has called his own mother a thief and had her picked up. There’s nothing here that’s about being upright or morally outstanding. In fact, nothing to celebrate and that’s for me.

There’s obviously a filthy family politics underlining this whole shamelessness. What a family!

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