The Great Mike Turns 70

By Sam Omatseye

I doff my heart to a true professional, Mike Awoyinfa, who just turned 70. Men like him are rare in a profession.

He has brought a revolutionary flair to his trade. He literally gave us a new journalism when he became editor of Weekend Concord. He injected an edgy, vibrant tone to news. He is unmatched in headline casting, giving it a joyous magnificence.

Whoever saw Mike’s headline can compare it to a box of candies. He knows how to make something out of nothing in news and he does not fear to humble the powerful.

In this age of bigotry, his best friend, an Igbo, was the blessed Dimgba Igwe, a man who was a twin to him and lived next door until death snatched the great Dimgba.

Mike is a great human being, a soulful columnist, a man of letters.

May he continue to flourish.

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