The Jonathan Denial Industry By Pius Adesanmi.

image1) The acting chairman of the Board of Trustees of the PDP, Haliru Bello, who was instrumental to the coronation of Goodluck Jonathan, PhD, as his party’s presidential candidate, now believes that the choice of GEJ was “disastrous”.
2) Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, who turned CAN to onward Christian soldiers of TAN, has been wearing his bling-bling and sagging his cassock all the way to the Villa, looking for strategic photo-ops with President Buhari, the name, Jonathan, now a distant memory.
3) Onyeka Onwenu, who called Patience Jonathan “mommy” (wicked Buharists insist she is older than her former mommy) is now kneeling and sashaying all over the Villa, looking for a new mommy in the much younger Aisha Buhari – who is already showing disturbing traits of adopting the excesses of her predecessor and giving them other names.
4) In Bayelsa, before the goat bleated three times, all those who ate President Jonathan’s yams moved to the warm embrace of the principle-less APC.
5) All over the country, politically displaced persons from the Jonathan era are looking for inroads, hiding their umbrellas and waiving brooms.
If you see any of our inconsolable, permanently-wailing, social media career Jonathanians, shake his hand for me; greet her for me. They are the only ones who have remained loyal to their Nobel laureate hero. Some of them are even willing to go to Kenya and let their hero feed them to the safari lions while their Jonathanian counterparts on the political field are singing new songs.
The political Jonathanian is to be despised.
The social media career Jonathanian is to be disagreed with but respected for preferring wailing in dignity to the treachery of his porting counterpart in politics.
Unless, of course, the social media wailer is only waiting for crossover opportunities only available for now to the political Jonathanian.
You never know with Nigeria…

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