They Came, They Saw, They Squandered (Dedicated To Jonathan, Sambo & Co.)

Picture Credit: PUNCH

At the crack of crimson dawn;
They came and pain was born.

Drops of blood our pouring tears;
In poverty and death, we lived our wildest fears.

Hollow men of no conscience;
Lacking in foresight, devoid of competence.

Abacha, Babangida and his brother Abdulsalami,
Obasanjo, his godson Jonathan; this was the kakistocracy.
One family, one party, one philosophy, one degeneracy;
Corruption, corruption, corruption, their only legacy.

Gusau, Dasuki, and that David Mark;
For thirty years, they kept Nigeria in the dark.

Oil wells they split up;
For years to fill their cup;
While leaving the masses without a drop.

They legalized mob violence;
To segregate the masses into silence.

The colonial divide and rule,
their greatest tool;
and we, their fool.

They banned pleasure;
sponsored terror;
to loot as we died distracted in the horror.

They built Aso rock, a palace like no other;
Secured in its grandeur, they cared for only one another.

They invested in decreasing national standards,
The bloody scoundrels;
Stole all our land and wealth, leading us backwards,
The shameless vandals.

Every good thing they spoiled;
Like little children, they soiled;
Africa the cradle they befouled.

Their god is money;
Treachery is their story.

Unlike our past heroes;
These are our past zeroes.

For thirty years they plundered and laundered;
They came, they saw, they squandered.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah

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