Thousands Receive El-Rufai To Campaign In His Home Town

imageThe Kaduna state governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Malam Nasir El-Rufai was yesterday received by thousands in his home town of Zaria.

El-Rufai, who was concluding his governorship campaign in Kaduna North Senatorial Zone at Eid Praying Ground in Zaria, said the significance of the crowd that ushered him proved that change was inevitable and that a new dawn beckons for cogent development and purposeful leadership.

According to the former Minister, who was accompanied by thousands of APC leaders and members, the need for change is justified by the state’s failed leadership and a myriad of challenges in all area.

“I am emotional and touched because of the way and manner we were received,” he said. “We were received with total acceptability, trust and confidence that we have all it takes to rebuild our dear state.

He stressed that Kaduna State was in need of direction, focus and practical leadership that will bring about justice, development and purposeful leadership to manage its complexities, adding that it is in search of a competent and capable sailor and crew to sail it out of the storm.

“We are in the middle of this dangerous navigation, but we are confident that by the special grace of Almighty God we will sail to safety. It is not about us but what is best for tomorrow and the future.

“You should remember that we are standing before history and posterity, we must strive to stand for the best of the future that outlives our personal interests. We must be bold, courageous and firm to give the people of Kaduna our best.

“Think of our younger brothers and sisters, think of our children and grand-children, think of multiple generations ahead. Let us write our names in gold, and so stand up and save Kaduna State.”

Speaking further, El-Rufai condemned political violence, and advised his supporters to be calm.

“It is Almighty God that gives power and we are seeking for this power from Him and the people of Kaduna State,” he said. “And so don’t fight anyone, don’t abuse anyone, don’t blackmail or insult people because of political differences. Don’t abuse people’s parents, instead respect them because they are also our own parents and we hold them in high esteem. Don’t return violence for violence; don’t destroy people’s posters, billboards and properties because they did same.”

He urged his supporters to be law-abiding, to respect law and order, to leave opponents who deploy violence to God but to use their votes wisely during the elections.

“Violence is not the solution but good governance that will be provided by competent, sincere, honest and God-fearing leadership,” he said.

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