Truth Be Told, Lagos Has Been Good To Us By Onyebuchi Ememanka

imageWhat is the principal interest of the Igbos in Lagos? What do we seek to achieve in our sojourn here? My take is simple. We seek a prosperous Lagos that is economically viable, peaceful….a mini Nigeria of sorts
where all people are able to live and pursue their livelihood without let or hinderance.

As a people that thrive on commerce, Igbos want a Lagos where there are government policies that promote the growth of
commerce and business. A Lagos where government builds roads, bridges, hospitals and is generally alive to their duties. Education is free in Lagos and our children enjoy this. No Igbo child has been sent away from any public school in Lagos. Lagos state government pays WAEC and NECO fees for all students in Lagos….our children enjoy this too.
What do we really want in Lagos? The truth is that we are strangers here. Lagos belongs to some people, just like Onitsha and Aba. Let’s not carry on as if this place is a no-man’s land. It is not.
All of a sudden, Jimi Agbaje has become an Igboman….we have adopted him as our son…..the same way we adopted President Jonathan in the last election against our strategic interest as a people…a decision that has left us in serious political confusion and our senators begging to be admitted into the APC.

What is the difference between Jimi Agbaje and Akinwumi Ambode? Is any of them Igbo? What is our problem? I believe that we have a fair share here. We live in peace unlike our people in the North. I don’t think there are more Igbos in Lagos than there are in Kano, yet we live peacefully here. Yorubas are highly politically sophisticated people and they understand that it is better for them to have a government in Lagos that belongs to the same party as the party at the centre. Igbos cannot love Lagos more than Yorubas. This is their land. If anything happens here now, we will all leave and return home. These people own here…this is their home and we must respect their feelings. Every person living in Lagos wants more federal presence in Lagos. We want a 4th Mainland Bridge, we want so many other things that the federal government can do.

In the years past, Lagos hasn’t enjoyed much federal intervention because of political party differences. Now they have that chance and we want to spoil it for them by being more catholic than the pope. Let everybody vote any candidate he wants but I reject any collective Igbo move to vote against the strategic interests of the people who own the land where we live and make our living. Lagos has been good to our people. We have succeeded here in business and the professions.

Let’s not disrespect the people of Lagos. I will not support any move that will create an impression that Igbos are against the interest of the owners of Lagos. Nobody has murdered our people here like what we see in the north. Lagos remains the only state in this country where Igbos hold top government positions.

Even our neighbors and brothers, Rivers State has never given us that privilege despite our huge population and presence there. As for me, I want Lagos to progress and on Saturday, I will proudly vote for Akinwumi Ambode.

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