University of Oxford Nominates First Female Vice-chancellor In Its 800-Year History

imageThe University of Oxford has nominated its first female vice-chancellor in its 800-year history. Professor Louise Richardson, who is currently principal at St Andrews University, is set to take up the role at the start of next year, subject to the approval of the institution’s legislative body.

She has been put forward by a nominating committee led by Oxford’s chancellor, Lord Patten of Barnes.

The appointment will make Professor Richardson the only female holder of the post at Oxford since the first leader was selected in 1230.

Professor Richardson, who is also St Andrews’ first female principal, revealed last year that she had been taunted by members of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club after they excluded her because she was a woman. Honorary membership of the club is a traditional perk of running St Andrews but when she was appointed in 2009 the tradition was abruptly abandoned. The ban was subsequently overturned in September last year.

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