VIDEO: Apostle Suleman Caps It Up On Tithing: “Religious Rascality Should Not Be Confused With Spiritual Maturity”

”Few days ago, I got some calls over something that was going on the internet that were credited to me, about somebody talking of tithing…That they should come for a debate. …

I have a Ph.D in Theology and a Ph.D in human resource Administration, not to argue.

The Bible says in 1st Corinthians chapter 2 vs14 , A natural man cannot receive the things of the spirit of God, they are foolishness to him. He cannot know them, because they are spiritually designed. It’s stupidity for me to sit down and speak over spiritual matters with a logical reasoning.

The Bible says in 1st John chapter 2 from verse 20, “You need not any man to teach you but the anointing which you have received teaches you all things. Your pastor or social media should not teach you about tithing. Go and ask God. We must be careful, so we could differentiate from religious ‘rascality’ and spiritual maturity. There’s so much religious rascality. To talk is cheap, to post things on the internet is very cheap.

If you are against pastors or you fault what pastors do; no problem, start a church, run it for 10 years and do it the way it should be done; then we listen to you.

Having followership on the internet is different from having in real life. Because there are certain truths that are too real to be debated. I have read the Bible, from Genesis to Revelations 36 times. And I know from the Bible that anything you want to support your point, you will see it, even if it is negative, you can twist scriptures. You can say Levites are of the order of Abraham not of the orders of the pastors of these days. That means the Bible was written to the Jews. So let’s drop it for the Jews and look for the Bible written to Nigerians?

The issue of tithing is because of the way certain young, new generation preachers who are in a hurry to compete with ministers who have been there for years, not knowing that 90% of these ministers who are very blessed–their private businesses. Omega began in 2004, I was already a millionaire before it started.

If somebody says tithing is wrong, tell the person THANK YOU. People who argue are shallow people. Deep people are silent over perceptive beliefs. The Bible says in 2nd Peter 1vs 20 ” No scripture is of private interpretation”. No prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation. Genesis 6vs 3 “My spirit will not strive. The Holy Ghost does not argue. You talk back at people–they don’t pay tithe. Tithe is not real–tithe is real.

Talking to the congregation, He said; the tithe I pay every Sunday is more than the tithe all of you pay for two Sundays. I pay tithe to ministries, I pay tithe to ministers. It’s a personal revelation.

Jesus said to Peter saying “Flesh and blood has not revealed this to you. They were arguing–“who do men say I am?” Some said you are this, some said you are that. And Peter said you are the Christ. So controversy didn’t start today.

And Jesus gave us the strength of revelation. It says flesh and blood does not reveal this to you. So there are revelations that come by flesh and blood, by logic–common sense. But He (Jesus Christ) said by the spirit, only the spirit of God can reveal something to you. If I talk to you in this church about anything, go back and ask God. The day-back Christians in Acts 17vs 11, were not just Christians who were researching. They were noble and they were not confrontational.

Anybody who wants to raise up a people must understand the place of the spirit.
You do not attack. You correct–nicely. Any movement you start under controversy is a cult.

Someone responded to Papa Adeboye, and I said ahh–for age sake, not for sentiments. I am not a sentimental person, I have no atom of sentiments in my blood and that’s why they call me controversial because I am not conventional. I don’t do what every pastor does. You must show me in the Bible. But that of tithe is a covenant–is an age-long covenant. I am a generous tither, and I don’t hope to change.

And I discovered the issue of tithing is an age-long debate. It has outlived all those who came to argue it, and it will still outlive others. Please ask the Holy Spirit to reveal things to you. Let God speak to you, ignore anybody that is talking anything.”

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