We Are In Golden Age of The Church – Oyedepo

-Bishop David Oyedepo declares as he lays foundation for The Ark (Legacy Project-109,345 capacity)


*This groundbreaking is a spiritual handing over of the project to the builder.
*I called it ‘Faith Theatre’ but God named it ‘The Ark’.
*No devil can stop the expansion and enlargement of Jesus’ Church.
*The Ark makes Faith Tabernacle look like boys’ quarters.
*We are called to be city builders not estate developers.
*Every vision is for an appointed time.
*Welcome to The Ark.

Praise the Lord
🎶 All the glory must be to the Lord
For He is worthy of our praise
No man on earth should give glory to himself
All the glory must be to the Lord 🎶

It is my privilege in this divine vineyard. Jesus will only build His Church, not my Church, not our Church. “I will build my Church”
Matthew 16:18
From one phase to another to another, He is the master builder. His name is Jesus.

The reason why the gates of hell have not been able to prevail is that no gate of hell can prevail against His Church. “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. So it has never come out of my mouth in my life.

He purchased the Church with His own Blood. No other blood under Heaven can match. It is sinless Blood. It takes a sinless Blood to purchase the Church and none of us have it.

Again I’m saying the reason why principalities and powers and the wickedness of the wicked have not prevailed against this Church till date and forever is because it is His Church. No devil can stop the expansion, the enlargement of this Church.

I’d like us for one moment, lift up your two hands and give the builder of this Church, give Him thanks, every Church you see growing is because they allow the owner to own it, it’s because they surrender it to the owner. Give Him thanks and praise and glory.Church Gist.

We acknowledge You as the builder of this Church. You are the multiplier of the congregation. You are the supplier of all we have ever needed. We celebrate You Jesus. Thank You for doing what You said You will do. Thank You for warding off the gates of hell. Blessed be Your name in Jesus precious name we have given thanks. Amen.

Lord Jesus thank You and blessed be Your name. We acknowledge Your work and the operations of Your hand. We will never take it lightly. You are the one behind the scenes working all the works. You are the one at work in us. Receive our thanks in the name of Jesus.

-Let today be a landmark experience in everyone’s life in Jesus name.

Everything matters to God and everything matters to His agenda in our lives including names. His Word could not come through to Abraham until He changed that name from Abram to Abraham. His Word didn’t come through to Sarai until He changed that name to Sarah.

Names are important to God. When this project was declared, it was called “Faith Theatre”. And like my beloveth son in the gospel said, God said to me when you asked me a question and I keep mute, it means stay where you are. My silence does not connote go ahead.

“Jesus is it time to embark on this project? Silence. Spoke in tongues, silence. Spoke in grammar, silence. First year passed, second year passed, we have no financial issue whatsoever, not one. 2017 He said to me “Speak no more of this matter until I speak to you if I have to. Don’t bring that nonsense to My ears again”. “Make You no vex”, because every vision is for an apppointed time. When you miss the appointed time you are disappointed.

I did one thing. Don’t touch the funds assigned to this project because you don’t know when He will speak. And not only that, start putting so so percentage of our income into that account. We can’t tell when He will speak.

Suddenly He came and He came with a sharp rebuke. “Was it not you I told that this place is my place of appearance? I didn’t send anybody to you, I told you by myself. Church Gist. Now you’re carrying the project there. I would not have gone there with you”. I heard from God. “You mean You would not have gone there with us? It will be a monument that has no value. My eyes opened wide. What! That minute it occurred to me-We have tens of thousands that walk through the gate every Sunday. Not twenty, not thirty, not forty that drop from public transport.
-How would they have moved to the other side?
-How would we have preserved the serenity of Covenant University campus?
-How would the students not have been in danger by mass movements of vehicles?
-Clear off Faith Academy campus!

It was a simple command. And so we cleared off Faith Academy campus and relocated it. That was near four billion (Naira-$10 million) Amen. You understand what I’m saying, because it’s never late to be right. So we’re here. Amen.

This is a Tabernacle after the order of The Ark of Noah to preserve the generation of believers.
Isaiah 62:2-3
I named “Faith Theatre”, He named “The Ark”. It is not guess work. We’re not trying to play with words. We’re following divine directives.
Psalms 78:68-69
We are in the era of high palaces, that Jesus will meet whenever time He comes. Now if He comes in 5 years He will meet it. If He comes in 500 years He will meet it. 2000 years to come He will meet it. Church Gist. So God will be building high palaces across the nations of the earth that will stand as witnesses of His end time agenda.

It’s not new. It’s God unveiling His agenda for the end time. This is the way it works. That’s how we got there. Let me step back a bit.

When He brought us to this place, and there was no marching order I said “Well let’s keep the land busy and look for farmers in our Church and allocate the land to them so that when we’re ready and He gives me go ahead we can come back in. When we got to that convention He said “The Tabernacle shall be dedicated next year September 18th 1999”. All His budgets, we have stayed up with it. He did it.

Now we’re ready, He said He’s not ready. He is just God. He does whatever He wants.

  • No one here will miss God.
  • You will not miss God.

We had a meeting in 1994 that we’re not going to go for foreign mission in 1995. That we’re going to conclude some of the hanging projects and I got home He said “You are going now”. Then I called you and said ‘He said we’re going now’ so who and who will go? 1,2,3,4,5, come over. Church Gist.We laid hands on you, we anointed you then you’re going. You’re going. Awesome God.

Our times are in His hands. Our times are absolutely in His hands. No tension.

  • From now anyone present and anyone watching online from anywhere you may be in the world your life goes off tension.
  • Every minister of the gospel here today, every son of the prophet that is here today, your ministry goes off the realm of tension forever.

Let me share this with you and it will help all of us together. Just a glimpse into God’s agenda for the end time Church. What is God’s agenda for the end time Church.
According to
Acts 3:20-21
God has ordained that there will be a confirmation in manifestation of everything prophesied about the end time Church before He returns. Heaven and earth will pass away but God’s word will not pass away.

What is the picture of God’s end time Church?

1- The end time Church shall be an unstoppable and irresistible Church. Understand that the Church is not just the people of God, the Church connotes the individual members also of the Church. “I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. When I stretch forth my hand who shall turn it back?
Daniel 4:35
Satan knows it. It’s better we also do.

2 – The end time Church shall be an empowered Church. “Sit down at my right hand till I make thy enemies thy foot stool”. Empowered to rule in the midst of her enemies. It will be clear to the devil that the Kingdom of God is in power.
1st Corinthians 4:20

3 – The end time Church shall be a Church of innumerable multitudes. The end time Church shall be cities without walls. Not buildings. So you will find cities after cities being built by Jesus for His Church in the end time. Church Gist.His apostles shall be city builders and not estate developers, city builders.
Isaiah 45:13

We used to be called mushroom Churches. We specialised in building batchers.
So Churches shall become cities without walls. No matter how big a Church is there will still be people outside and that’s how Jesus will meet it. Except anyone can stop the sun and the moon, no authority under Heaven can stop Heaven’s agenda.

Godsent apostles are ordained to be city builders in this end time.

4 – The end time Church is a Church that will attract the unsaved in their numbers.
Zechariah 8:20-23
God’s hand on you will become magnetic. God’s hand on God’s people will become so magnetic that people can’t resist it, they just fall for it. I will go with you. I know you have not called me but I’ll go with you.

This commission is Me and you. I must go with you.
Isaiah 44:3-5
They just want to be hooked unto you. That’s how the end time Church will be growing. It will be growing by the magnetic attraction of God’s people in the Church.
Zechariah 8:20-23
Give the Lord praise.
That’s how magnetic your life will become.

We had a very humbling testimony in the old Church. There was this Muslim landlord that had a challenged tenant. He said “when people are coming out of that Church I see everybody just smiling and beaming with joy. Go there maybe God will help you”. That’s a Muslim helping to witness. So he came and within three months his life was changed and transformed and he found him celebrating birthday, that means he has cleared all the money he is owing. Church Gist.So the second one had a problem, so he said “I sent your neighbour to that Church and something changed, you too go there”, so the second one came and everything turned. The landlord said “I will go myself”. Well he’s an elder in our Church today. Amen. Glory to God. That magnetic visitation, that will be the order of the day in the end time Church and you are one of them.

You will not be able to tell who have come to the Lord through you. You are not speaking to them. They just see you and say God who is decorating this one will decorate my life. I’m going there. They say “don’t go there, it’s a bad Church”. “I’m going there, that bad Church is what I want”.

That’s why no devil can stop the Church from growing.

The end time Church shall be a Church of giants. There will be no ordinary person in Church. A Church of giants.
Jeremiah 39:19-21
A Church of giants.
Psalms 87:1-7
The Almighty Himself shall establish the Church. So these giants will be rising by the hands of the Almighty God. It’s not by power nor by might but by the hand of the Almighty God.
Can’t you see it happening now? Aren’t giants rising? Amen.

Saviours does not mean just preaching the gospel. Breadwinners, rescue agents.
Obadiah 21

So it’s the beginning. What we’re seeing now is just the beginning. The end time Church is ordained the birth place of giants.

  • The giants in you will come alive.
    You know what you carry inside, the son of the Highest. You carry a throne inside of you.

Now this will shake the devil. The network of the end time Church shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.
It shall be an era of Church everywhere.
You turn in the right Church, on the left Church, in front Church, behind Church. You’ll be hearing praise the Lord everywhere.

Look except a decree that can drain water out of the sea, no eddict of man or governmental agency can stop it. Can you shot the door against earthquake? You build gates, it will uproot the gate. As the waters cover the sea. All the tankers in Lagos State, Ogun State, Osun State , South West, South South, South East can’t drain the ocean. That’s the end time agenda. Church Gist. It shall be an era of Church everywhere. Yet there shall be high palatial Churches all moving at the same time.

The end time Church shall command undeniable global influence.
Micah 4:1-2
Many nations shall say come, let’s put pride aside, let’s go to the mountain of the Lord. To the house of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us His ways. Global influence. They will look for men and women in the Church to help solve their problems. It shall come to pass in the last days.

The end time Church shall be a Church of global influence. They will be looking for us. They will see us having the answers, they will see us doing it sweatlesslly. They will keep wondering, what is going on here. Praise God. I’m sure you know they are wondering in Nigeria.

Thank You Jesus. Remember He said “Ye are the light of the world”. We are walking into the fullness of that agenda. The Church shall become a beacon of light to nations. Thank You Jesus.

The end time Church is ordained to command supernatural wealth. Before God was going to command the building of the Terbanacle, He already transferred the wealth of Egypt to His people. Who dash monkey banana? How can you tell them to bring gold. He first lavished gold on them, then said if anyone is willing let him give. He first gave them the gold before He called for it.

The end time Church will command tremendous wealth that will humble the entire world, righteous wealth not stolen wealth. Covenant wealth.

You know God is unveiling the manifold wisdom of Heaven in these last days and you know is a companion of wisdom. Natural wisdom begets natural wealth. Heavenly wisdom, Biblical wisdom ushers believers into the realm of supernatural wealth. “My ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts”.

Someone wrote and said wealth is a product of man’s capacity to think. Natural realm of wealth. But when you engage Biblical wisdom you naturally command supernatural wealth.
Praise God.
Zechariah 1:17
Matthew 24:14

This massive spread of the Kingdom will require massive resources that God is eager to entrust to His people that can be trusted. Wealth in the Kingdom is not achieved it is entrusted.
We are just about entering the realm of true riches.
-May no one here be left behind.
1st Chronicles 29:3
-God will be loading treasures into the life of His lovers in this end time.

  • May you never be left out.

God is going to load His lovers with such dimension of wealth that the world has never known.

I’m sure you’ll be glad to know that there’s not one dime from any of our missions on the foreign field in this project. There is no letter written to anyone or telephone call made to anyone. We’re just entering the realm that God is talking about.

Watch out with genuine love for God, there is no level of thing He cannot entrust in your hand.

  • You are going places.

Finally the end time Church shall be a Church without spot or wrinkles. A Church living ready for the rapture. The world is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God.
Romans 1:4

There is going to be an out pouring of the Spirit of holiness. People will hate sin with passion.
Righteousness will become the new identity of believers. Not appropriated righteousness.
Even the court of law knows when you are wrong. How much more the court of God.
People will just walk in the fear of God naturally. All the junk of malice, of backbiting, of hatred, of bitterness will be no more.

-All sins of the flesh and of the spirit will find their way out.
-All prophesying in lies will go away.
-All who crave after money in the name of ministry will disappear.

Ephesians 5:25-27
-Therefore no one today under the sound of my voice will miss his way to Heaven.

  • You will not miss your way to Heaven.

There is nothing we build here that is compared to what He has built up there. Streets of gold. Everything glassy and golden. Don’t miss it. We will not be there for 120 years, we will be there for eternity.

  • No one here shall miss it.

The ultimate of what we are doing now is Heaven. What we’re doing now is to give us our rewards in terms of our crowns. That’s our resting place,

  • You will not miss it.
  • As you step out of here you will hate sin with passion.
  • You will draw away from men and women of sin in the name of Jesus Christ.

Well, Welcome to The Ark.

  • Nothing that destroys others will ever come near you.
  • Nothing that consumes others will ever come near you and your household in the name of Jesus Christ.

Lift up your two hands everybody and give God thanks in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Now this ground breaking ministration is a spiritual handing over of the project to the builder. A number of us were here when we dedicated Covenant University. We danced our kind of madness dance from the gate to the roundabout and back and sweating and the Lord said*Hand it over to me now”. “I said how Jesus? He said “Lay down here before me and I will take over”. Jesus took over Covenant University 21st October 2002 and He has never dropped it since that time. Church Gist.As we hand this over to the master builder the contractor will enjoy unusual speed.

-There shall be no injuries on this sight.
-Death shall not be recorded here.
-There shall be no equipment failure.
-The grace will not drop.
-No one working here will ever slump.
-Everyone that sees today, whether you are here on ground or online, anywhere in the world, you will be alive in your new status when this is dedicated.

When I saw the building, it makes Faith Terbanacle like boys quarters and interestingly Faith Terbanacle is linked as overflow by Heaven’s design without our premonition. Just like a dream of the night.

  • You won’t miss God’s instructions.
    -You will never miss God’s corrections.
  • You will never miss your steps walking with God in the name of Jesus.

So as we hand over this project to God we’re handing over your life to God.

  • No agent of the devil will assault your life and all that partains to you the name of Jesus.

We are going to pray for our contractors team, the consultants, right there on site as we do what we normally do. Anoint the ground and say take over. Jesus take over. You are the master builder take over. You know how best to do it take over. You know how to help us take over in the name of Jesus. Thank You Father.
Give the Lord the biggest clap offering.

We’re in the golden age of the Church. It must reflect on your life.
We’re in the decorative age of the Church. It must show in your life in Jesus precious name.

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