What Bishop David Oyedepo Said At April 2021 Leadership Empowerment Summit

If you knew the shame we endured, you can’t blame God for the glory we are now experiencing

  • You can’t be ashamed of the gospel of Christ and expect your shame to be rolled away.
  • Some fellows gave my mother a condolence greeting when they learnt I had gone into preaching.
  • You get excited by inspirations, but it is instructions that change our positions.
  • The Kingdom of God is not a lawless Kingdom.
  • We engage the law of the Spirit to conquer the law of sin and death.
  • Don’t watch your life go into dry season, get dedicated to God.

It is very interesting to note that whatever is taught here today is being taught all through our Churches worldwide. It is an apostolic mandate, so the things revealed to me are to be shared with faithful men who will in turn teach others (2 Timothy 2:2). This is very crucial because we live in a day where people are very resistant to instructions. Messengers of the covenant are merely instructors, they are principally instructors: this is the way to go; this is how to go; this is what you must have to do.
Malachi 3:1 – it is pointing to the Holy Spirit here but gives His Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers and Evangelists by the Holy Ghost to the Body in preparing the way before Him (Ephesians 4:11). God will be releasing an army of messengers of the covenants, Kingdom instructors who will just tell this is what to do and it’s in doing it that you create a future for yourself.
We are in the days of messengers of the covenant (Job 33:21-24). They shall be rescue agents showing God’s people which steps to take out of their predicament. We understand the veil between God’s people and the Holiest of all was torn into twain by the death and resurrection of Christ (Matthew 27:5—51). That grants us access to the things behind the veil. The things behind the veil, among other things include the rod of Aaron that budded (Hebrews 9:4). Everything dead comes alive by accessing the things behind the veil. Among the mysteries behind the veil is the tables of the covenant and the golden pot with manna inside: access to divine supplies in a world of shortages, lack and wants. Golden pot: living a golden life in a battered world. They are all some of the mysteries behind the veil that this messengers of the covenant will be unveiling. There are the tables of the covenant; you want healing, this is how to position yourself for healing and stay healthy. You want to flow in Kingdom prosperity; this is the terms of the covenant that enables you access to that realm.
Those who walk, walk with many: you go to ‘Dugbe’ in Ibadan, you go to ‘Oshodi’ in Lagos – human train.
Those who run, run with a few but those who fly, fly alone. High jump – you don’t do it 2 people at a time, you do it one per time. No aircraft tows another one in the air. Those who fly, fly alone. Every aircraft must generate adequate ground power to take off in the air.
Very important, we must open our hearts to receive these messengers of the covenant and embrace the instructions that they bear so we can make the most of our journey on earth. God’s covenant with His people is as binding as His covenant of the day and night (Jeremiah 33:20-21). My covenant with the redeemed is as binding as my covenant of the day and of the night. So when you get to know what God says to do and you commit yourself to it, you have committed God’s integrity to bring it to pass. Only the witches that can change the day and the night from exchanging position can tamper with that.
For example, no one should expect results from where he has not made any input (2 Corinthians 9:6). There is what to do, to obtain results in any engagement.
No one should expect any reward from where he has not bestowed labour (1 Corinthians 3:8). No ‘go come’. This is because there is nothing in doing nothing!! One can be waiting and wasting a whole life. There is what you must do for the change you desire to become a reality. There is what I must do for the change I desire to become a reality. There is nothing in doing nothing
Proverbs 10:4-5, Proverbs 20:4
He (the sluggard) has reasons for not waking up, he has reasons for sleeping, he has reasons for not sowing, therefore shall he beg in harvest, no matter his reasons, no matter how valid his reasons may appear to himself (Proverbs 20:4). There is nothing in doing nothing. Most people claim to be waiting not knowing they are wasting a whole life. There is nothing in doing nothing.
These are the hard lines of these instructors: they come heavy on God’s people to wake up from slumber. There is nothing in doing nothing.
Every breakthrough in life is a product of applied instructions (Proverbs 4:11-13). These are not inspirational teachers, they are anointed instructors. You get excited by inspirations, but it is instructions that change our positions. Church Gist. Take fast hold of instructions, let her not go, keep her for that is where the quality of your life and my life is determined.
Now watch:
You want the shame in this marriage to be over – whatever He tells you to do, do it (John 2:5). Now what are we to do? Fill those water pots with water my friend, do that openly where you will be mocked and then suddenly it turned out to be sweeter wine than the one they had to purchase with their money (John 2:6-7,9). Instructions.
Now, cast the net into the deep for a draught (Luke 5:4). When they had this done, they enclosed great multitudes of fishes, their nets began to break and their boats began to sink (Luke 5:7). There is always what to do, to commit God to confirm His Word. There is always what to do.
We are in the days of God’s anointed instructors who bring to us the things we must do for the changes we desire. For instance there is what to do to be saved, as free as salvation is.
Acts 2:38
Men and brethren, what shall we do? He didn’t say, don’t do nothing, He said repent…
The Jailer said to Paul, “what must I do to be saved?” Acts 16:30-31
There is what to do to be saved even though salvation is a free offer of the love of God for mankind. There is what to do, to experience it.
Also there is what to do for instance to enjoy financial prosperity. It is a product of the covenant terms of seedtime and harvest. You are not in it, forget it. My covenant will I not break nor alter those things that have gone forth out of my lips, anybody’s reason notwithstanding (Psalm 89:34). It has nothing to do with what you have, it has to do with where your heart is. Before I had my first bank account in life, I already had a desire to be among the people building Churches for Jesus. Before I had the first bank account in my life, it was inside my heart to be privileged among those who will be building Churches for Jesus and that has started quite some time back. By the grace of God, we have a hundred of them going on right now. It is not about what you have, it is about where your heart is. It is about where your heart is.
Show me a heavy consecrated Kingdom dreamer, he is heading for a huge future of financial boom. Huge! You can’t stop it. Until it is in your heart, it never reaches your hand. It has to be in your heart first! (Matthew 6:21).
For instance, it is addiction to Kingdom Advancement endeavours that brings God’s people into favour with God. Favour! And nothing flies like favour. 50 years of labour cannot be equal to one day of favour with God and that is what is changing people’s story in this Church.
Matthew 6:33 – what you didn’t have to ask and it’s added is called favour.
Psalm 102:13-15 – fearful favour, provoked by one’s Kingdom advancement enlargement endeavours.
That is what I saw that I called it the Jack pot of life. He said, forget about Solomon, but seek ye first the Kingdom of God, I will over decorate you beyond Solomon (Matthew 6: 29, 33).
-There are many people here that are just on the way there.

There is what to do, to enjoy the favour from above. Among the things to do is Kingdom Advancement endeavours as one’s priority for living. By reason of age, some may not be able to go out but are they going up in prayers? As long as you can eat, you can pray. The reason why you are not praying is that your heart is not there.
“Oh I wish I can go out” – NO, you can also go up. There is the Going Out, there is the Going Up. One is planting, another one is watering, which one are you doing?

There is what to do to live a healthy life (Proverbs 4:20-22). We get healed by faith, we stay healthy by the Word. There is what to do to live a healthy life. We get healed by faith, but we stay healthy by the Word of God (Matthew 9:27-29). God’s Word is God’s medicine. Another translation says, it shall be medicine to their flesh.
How? 2 Peter 1:4 “…partakers of divine nature.” So we partake of divine nature from the Word and divine nature is immune to sickness and disease. So the more of the Word you have on your inside, the more immune you are to sickness. It imparts divine nature.

There is what to do to be free from shame and reproach (Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 3:35). Let us go outside the gate, bearing His reproach so He can wipe away our own reproach (Hebrews 13:13). You want your reproach off, go outside the gate bearing His reproach. Give them room to mock you so He can make you.
“Yeye woman, is not because you don’t have a child that you are going about sharing dirty fliers”: and she kept going, she kept going and became pregnant for the first time at the age of 50. First time.
“Call your sister and warn her. She is disturbing us with her gospel. Should she not go home after Service.” Then the Sister called her and said, “if your God is that good, why has He not given you children?” She said, Jesus, You are the One they are talking to: Jesus loves you!!! Hello, ‘e mi ni ooo’ (I am the one), I have come to check you, to let you know Jesus loves you. Haah haah, you again?
She became pregnant before the 7 weeks were over.
If you know the shame that some of us enjoyed, come and say, “enjoyed”: you can’t blame God for the glory we are now experiencing. Some fellows told my mother, “we learnt that your son is now preaching, ‘Olorun a da awon to ku si’ (May God watch over the others). That means that one is dead, there is nothing to expect from him.
“Leave David ohhh.”
“If somebody is not mad, for God’s sake what is his problem? Every day, every day, Jesus loves you. Did we say He hates us before?
I caught someone here on the third row one day I was ministering. I gave him the first tract in 1969 and he insulted me. He is a member of this Church today.
It is the level of mockery that will define the level of glory. If you are full of self-esteem, you have lost your future. Jesus made Himself of no reputation (Philippians 2:7).
Somebody asked me, “what about security?”
I said: my friend if you are follower of that which is good, who will hurt you? (1 Peter 3:13). What nonsense, security of what? Yet you click this name (Bishop David Oyedepo) on the system, it pops up. Either you are an enemy or a friend, it doesn’t matter, it pops up.
You want to be free from shame, go out and bear His reproach so He will take away your reproach. He will.
Somebody had cancer of the mouth and the doctors where she went said, “it’s late, we can’t help you anymore.” She carried the cancerous mouth, “Jesus loves you.” Haah, Papa will kill these people. And then God appeared in the night, dressed as a Master Surgeon with some nurses by Him, “open your mouth” and reaped the lump out of her mouth. Woke up in the morning, can’t find it again.
“If I go out, won’t they say my business is not working?” Your business cannot work until you go out.
“Hehn hehn, no wonder you are going out, you are owing everybody round the world.”
You are just re-positioning yourself for your shame to be taken away.

They asked one of my daughters, “Jesus wants to change your story – Marital Breakthrough.”
They said: Are you married?
Response: I know my own will be done tomorrow.
And then tomorrow came, Hallelujah. Same day, someone proposed, settled today. The following day, the one she brought, someone proposed. She wasn’t ashamed of the gospel of Christ.
You can’t be ashamed of the gospel of Christ and expect your shame to be rolled away. Get out there. You are too full of self-esteem, come down please. Come down. The members of my team are just my children. They are all small, small girls and boys, we are rocking together. Glory to God.
This your self-esteem is a risk, lay it aside because you are going somewhere.
-God will make something out of you that the world will not believe.

Clean, clear instructions that change people’s position. Clean and clear instructions that will keep changing people’s position.
The good news is you are leaving here the same way you came.
There is what to do, to enjoy a peaceful, harmonious and fulfilling married life. Check it out, simple instructions (Ephesians 5:23-30). You don’t have to go to Harvard to find that, it is right in your bag.

Finally, knowing what to do from scriptures and doing it is not legalism. No. It is taking covenant responsibility. People are now today, “No, we are not under the law.”
My friend, to live a lawless life is a risk. The Kingdom of God is not a lawless Kingdom, we engage the law of the Spirit to conquer the law of sin and death. Church Gist. You can’t be lawless and become a conqueror.
Doing what the Word says to do is not being under the law as they say, it is wisdom from above that puts believers above all. Whatever is from above is above all and the wisdom from above will put you above all other kinds of wisdom, commanding higher kinds of results than anyone else can imagine (John 3:31).
Following the dictates of scriptures is not dogmatism. It is the wisdom of God that empowers believers to gain command over the affairs of life.
Acts 24:14 – “…believing all things.” It is not dogmatism and see where it brought him to.
Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

I brought this corn, the one I used in the last teaching I did at CU (Covenant University). I counted it, it was 630 on each cob like this but only 2 seeds were sown and then it gives birth to two of these (cobs), meaning 1260. Now, let’s take it for 1200, that means each seed brought about 600. That is the profitability in dedication, destiny multiplies in grace to anyone that is truly dedicated. Now if he sows half of this (cob), sowing 600 seeds, two each bringing a thousand two hundred, you know what that means? So over time, it becomes a major plantation that will require processing. So a factory comes in, packaging: packagers come in. Marketing: marketers come in. From simple dedication. Don’t watch your life go into dry season, get dedicated to God, it is amazing, it is interesting.
I said, “You may have read all the books I wrote, but you don’t know my secret until you know my heartbeat for God. Sold out to Jesus.”
I can’t tell you to do what I did. He will tell you what you should do but get dedicated, that is the summary. Get dedicated from where you are and watch how He keeps decorating your life.
If this one (seed) is not sown, now watch, it will soon become infested. So it is not going to remain the same, it will soon become infested, dead, finished.
John 15:6
If a man does not abide in Me, he dries up, he is turned into a wood and he is cast into fire and burned.
He is not going to remain the same. That’s why there is no future for the undedicated believer. You see, they walk easily from Church because there is nothing there before. They were not planted there before! It is so easy to get lost if you are not dedicated. It is so simple to get lost if you are not dedicated. So dedication is a vital Kingdom instruction for destiny to answer favourably to you and for you to remain established in the faith all the days of your life.

Receive grace from heaven right now to enjoy divine instructions, biblical instructions and engage with them accordingly. In Jesus name we have prayed.




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