“Where Did You Get Money To Execute These Great Projects?” – Shonekan Asks Kwankwaso

image…Charges Other Governors To Emulate Kano Governor
Former Head of Nigerian Interim National Government, Chief Ernest Shonekan, had expressed surprise with the developmental projects he saw in Kano Statevafter he commissioned the Bandirawo City which is one of the three new cities established by the Kwankwaso administration.
At the multi-billion Naira second Kano state owned university, the North West University, Shonekan had asked Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso where he got the money to execute the projects.
According to Shonekan, “I just commissioned the Bandirawo city and I was made to understand that two others that are even bigger, Kwankwasiyya and Amana cities have also been commissioned by Gen. Gowon and Gen. Danjuma with over N45billion being spent. I have seen the flyover bridges on our way here and I am impressed with the quality of work. This world-class university has forced me ask where you get the money to carry out the projects, especially when you said your government does not get a Kobo from anywhere.”
Shonekan further said he was surprised that such projects could be financed solely by a state government. He went on to challenge Gov. Kwankwaso to persuade his colleagues to embark on such projects which, he believes, will be of immense benefit to the people.

He appealed to Kwankwaso to as a matter of urgency and for the rapid development of the nation to invite the other state governors to Kano to see how he used the state revenue in building the state, maintaining that” Governor Kwankwaso has done a marvelous projects in the state”.
Shonekan called on other governors in the federation to emulate Governor Kwankwaso over resource management and provision of people-oriented projects, adding that the governor has really changed the face of the state to a modern city, comparable to any city in the world.
He added that “I used to come to Kano state frequently for 10 years when I was a young man as the chairman of UAC. I never missed the Kano Durbar, but I have seen a great changes in the state now, please keep it up.”
Speaking on the university, Shonekan said that “This is a pleasant surprise to me when I saw it, because it looks like the famous business school in America. He charged the university management and students to protect all the facilities in the institution so that in the coming years, the beauty of the institution will still be maintained.

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