Why Ayo Fayose Can Never Be The New Leader of PDP By Dayo Williams

imageEkiti State governor, Ayodele Fayose should not aspire to be the new leader of PDP.
He’d be asking for too much. He should concentrate his efforts on real governance in Ekiti State.

Why do I say so?

Fayose cannot play the role of an opposition leader because he lacks the strategic power to do so. Beyond his usual bravado about nothing, Fayose does not have the intellectual acumen to lead a group of people where the ratio of the sane to the insane is far wide, let alone where the reverse is the case.

Two, Ekiti State barely survives on what it gets from the federation account, and I am yet to see any pragmatic plan by the Governor to source alternative revenue for the state.
Any state or leader who wants to champion the project of the opposition must have a constant flow of resources for mobilisation, strategy formulation and execution. Ekiti does not have that nor Fayose.

Three, a leader who wants to shoulder the responsibilities of an opposition figure must surround himself with quality minds and men of sterner stuff. With due respect to Fayose, he does not seem to have those men around him. Rather he only has men of physical muscle clustering around him for their daily bread.

This is where Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, as opposition leader is quite different from Fayose… Plus or minus, Asiwaju’s lieutenants any day anytime are men who can hold their own anywhere in the world.
I used to think Asiwaju was a prodigious human resource expert in the past until I got to know he is an accountant. Point is, he knows how to recruit the best into his rank. And once he gets you, he entices you to stay. Fayose does not have that.

Four, which is the last for now, Fayose is a divisive character whose guts create more enemies for him than friends.

For the sake of Ekiti State which is in straits and in dire need of critical interventions at the level of government, Oshokomale should leave the PDP to those who actually know how to revamp it and concentrate his efforts on the Ekiti project.

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