Why Dangote of Nigeria’s Cabal Appears With Abdusalami Peace Committee To Meet Buhari

imageIn a new image of General Muhammadu Buhari meeting with the Abdulsalami Abubakar Peace Committee, one of Nigeria’s top cabal, Aliko Dangote is seen making early association with Nigeria’s President-elect.

Nigerians will be monitoring the events of Nigeria’s new government for cabal influence.

Aliko Dangote has been a benefactor of the past system.

While these cabal have become billionaires, Nigerians have become bound in poverty.

Nigeria’s masses made Buhari president while Dangote and the cabal donated millions of dollars to soon to be ex-president Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign in an occasion last December chaired by the Dangote group. To this effect mere Nigerians are expected to be the determinants of Nigeria’s processes and not the anti-hope cabal.

The Abdusalami group has been aggressively negotiating immunity for the cabal. It must be recollected that general Abdusalami is General Babangida’s brother, Babangida being an adopted son of Abdulsalami’s father. These two installed the PDP and maintained it along with the cabal who became billionaires as Nigeria was rendered into poverty over the past 16 years.

Apart from President-elect Buhari, no “Nigeria’s masses” was represented in this meeting.

Aliko Dangote is Africa’s wealthiest man.

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