Why Most Career Men, Women’ll End Up Suffering Chronic Back Pains

What do sex and sedentary lifestyle have to do with back pains? Senior doctor, Omotuyi Mebawondu gives all you may need to know, including tips on how to live a life devoid of terrible pains and inflammation in the spines, during the Platforms Africa e-Discourse. Excerpts;

Chronic spine/back pain (inflammation) may not kill, it makes those who suffer it beg for death. What is back or spine pain?

The back is the part of the body extending from the base of the skull behind to just before the opening of the anus. The back contains many structures including bones, cartilage, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and organs resting on it. Back pain can arise from any of these structures.
Pain in the spine affects the bony part, and it is an uncomfortable feeling signifying a problem. It can be throbbing, stabbing, aching, pinching, or manifesting in other ways. It can be acute (for a short time) or chronic (happening over a long time).
Back or spine pain is very common.

What are the causes of this terrible pain?

Spinal pain is very common in Africa. What is recorded is a tip of iceberg as many people do not come to the hospital for documentation.
The reasons are obvious; our works are mainly manual putting lots of pressure on the back. Strains (excess stress on the muscle) and sprains ( excess stress on the ligaments) are common.
Our sitting, standing or working postures are wrong and prolonged with no education and early care. The spinal health Practitioners are in short supply. Native herbs are hawked rampantly thus masking serious spinal conditions. Most times, back pain is wrongly associated with erection and virility thus allowing quacks to profit.

Most commonly, mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries are the cause of low back pain. These injuries can include damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of nerve roots, and improper movement of the spinal joints.

Why Is it common among men than among women?

Low back pain has an enormous impact on individuals, families, communities, governments and businesses throughout the world.
Most people who experience activity-limiting low back pain go on to have recurrent episodes.

Studies have found the incidence of low back pain is highest in the third decade, and overall prevalence increases with age until the 60-65 year age group and then gradually declines. Other commonly reported risk factors include low educational status, stress, anxiety, depression, job dissatisfaction, low levels of social support in the workplace and whole-body vibration.

It is commonly reported amongst white than black and girls are more likely to report first episode than men.

In rural settings of Africa, women seem to have more burden because of manual work, repeated pregnancies and gender-related discrimination in health. Our focus on women health us mainly centered on child birth.

Why more white than black? Like prostate ailments, why is it common among blacks than among the whites?

This may likely due to documentation.
Most of the cases of low back pain are not reported formally in Africa. As the health system is compromised and burdened with acute diseases, less number of people with LBP patronize the formal hospital.
If these data is captured, we are likely to see more cases in blacks.

What does the food we eat have to do with it? What should someone who has not suffered this do to avoid it or is it a must-happen at old age? Why does the inflammation worsen with age?

To find out if any food contribute to inflammation in your body, don’t eat them for two weeks and see if your symptoms disappear — the body speaks to you, always listen.

1. Plant-based diet is probably your best bet to avoid inflammation, especially when eaten in combination with omega-3-rich foods like fish.
Deeply colored fruits and vegetables are a key part of an anti-inflammatory diet. Red wine, green teas, are also anti-inflammatory drinks.
Other things include: Increasing weights, protuberance belly put strains on the spine and cause back pain. Presence of other degenerative diseases like diabetes can worsen back pain.


Like I said, the wear and tear on the spine and body in general increase with age…
Studies have found the incidence of low back pain is highest in the third decade, and overall prevalence increases with age until the 60-65 year age group and then gradually declines.
Like human body, like machine. Everything in repeated use experiences wear and tear.
The chemicals, hormones, environmental factors, diet, habits have various effects on the body, mainly manifesting as ageing and inflammation.

Secondly, the bony structure represented by our spine and legs support the whole body.
Increasingly, we have more stress, environmental decline, and ingestion of toxic substances.

The telomere shortens the more and inflammation happens.

Does sex or too much of sex cause, worsen or cure back pains?

The motion of the back during “reasonable” sexual activities should be good for the back, immune and cardiac health. The question is how much of our sexual experiences are not enhanced now?
But once one gets to certain age and have certain spinal conditions, sex should be regulated and moderated to prevent worsening of degenerative disc problems
Sex should be mutually beneficial. Mood, health status, of the partners are important.
Men, please engage with your partner for understanding.
Let’s drop our selfishness.
Sexual activity is not a competition. It is nothing to brag about. It should be served on demand and partners emotion is important.
Enjoyment is not dependent on duration. Let’s explore “sacred sexuality”.

The working class whose works require more time sitting down before laptop are said to suffer this arthritis, why is this so?

This is a huge problem with new work culture.
There is anew field of ergonomics to deal with designs of chairs, tables and sitting culture in work space.
Human body is conditioned to keep moving. Sedentary life is dangerous.
Worldwide, the work space is changing to include aerobics and indoor sports.
Let’s factor this into our planning of workspace if we are to avoid many other diseases relates to prolonged sitting of more than 4 hours in a stretch.

What is sedentary life?

Life of less physical activities – riding car around, sitting in front of TV, visiting fast food, prolonged sitting on your desk.

What are the tips for those above 40 working class men and women on how to live free of excruciating back pains?

We are transiting into a more complex health situation. Low back pain impacts negatively on productivity and work. It affects our rural population, let’s talk about it, let’s pay attention..


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